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About Roy Moore, accused of the sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, of minors, and who has been likened by some supporters to Mary and Joseph, because Mary was a teenager and Joseph an adult, and whose brother has just compared him to Jesus. Let me say this...

First, sexual abuse is a crime. Any comparison between the loving relationship that existed between Mary and Joseph and sexual abuse, or sexual harassment, is monstrous, even blasphemous.

Second, despite the familiar artistic representations, we have no idea of the ages of Mary and Joseph at the time of their betrothal and marriage. The Gospels do not specify this, other than to call Mary a 'parthenon' (in Greek, either a young woman or a virgin).

Joseph is often depicted in art as older than Mary, in fact, considerably older, so as to make him seem less 'sexualized,' and to emphasize Mary's virginity. But, in fact, both Mary and Joseph could have been the same age.

Again, using the relationship of Mary and Joseph to, in any way, excuse or legitimize the sexual abuse or sexual harassment of a minor, or anyone, is monstrous.

Finally, any comparison to Jesus, the sinless one, in terms of 'persecution' is wrong. As my novice director once told us, 'Just because people oppose you doesn't mean that you're like Jesus, or even that you're like one of the prophets. It may just mean that you're wrong.'

I've been thinking a lot recently about consent, and how the last few weeks have underlined how terribly power has understood it and corrupted it.

Everyone is taught about consent in some limited way, but for men it's usually as a hurdle to be cleared. A checkpoint for attaining something even in relatively less-bad settings, the framing is always 'no means no.' Consent is still framed as a burden, so like the whole masculinity-industrial complex is built on getting over or around that hurdle. Men dream of power, because every single social cue deludes us into thinking that power lowers the bar.

See Trump's "when you're rich" comments, and when men attain that power, whether it be through age, marriage, workplace seniority, wealth, or status in the industry, we often behave accordingly. We expect that the bar of consent is now lower.that's where the "she's playing hard to get" stuff comes into play too. 

We're taught that (mostly) displays of power can further lower the bar, it's not just the Weinsteins. It's how we indoctrinate boys and young men. All the idolization of "pickup artists," the Playboy fantasies, the aspiration to attain women as currency. 

We don't teach them the sex-positive meaning of consent, as a joyful, fluid rational entrance into an enriching relationship. We don't teach them 'yes means yes,' and that sex isn't a dominion or a reward for power, but an ultimate expression of agency.