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Quote Catalog is a quote database, beautifully organized and meticulously sourced and annotated by professional editors and qualified members of our community. Editorial topics range across all media: music, TV, movies, books, websites, podcasts, and more. Our goal is to provide a quote for every occasion and the proper citation, which includes a link back to the source material. In an age of information overload, Quote Catalog is your antidote.

Quote Catalog is owned and operated by The Thought & Expression Company, a Brooklyn, New York media company founded in 2010 that also runs the website Thought Catalog and Shop Catalog. The Quote Catalog engine itself is powered by a patented text segmenting system, which allows us to create one of the most metadata rich quote indexes on the internet, whether it be a quote from The Office, a beautiful poem from the 1900s, or that funny joke you saw on an Instagram meme account.

How Our Site Works

We think of Quote Catalog as more than just a quote website. It’s a powerful query engine that helps differentiate signals from noise. That’s why our website does not look like any other quote website on the internet. Here’s an overview of the functionality.

  • QC Homepage — Our homepage is a daily curation of the web, showcasing headlines and titles of where we are sourcing quotes from in real-time. The page is also scattered with random funny, inspirational, and deep quotes.
  • QC Collections — QC collections are custom-built quote libraries based on people, themes, and media types. For example, here is a person page based on Marshall Mcluhan, one around the theme of beach quotes and another just based on quote from a certain movie.
  • QC Rankings — Based on data we collect around quotes, we create movie and TV show rankers and trackers. Some of our most popular trackers are guides to new TV shows, the best Netflix shows, and movie plots.

Our homepage is a daily curation of the internet, showcasing headlines and titles of where we are sourcing quotes from. Click on any link on the homepage and it will bring you straight to the source material. Next we have a rotating portfolio of quote collections dedicated to everything the mind can imagine: sad quotes, inspirational quotes, movie quotes, love quotes, deep quotes and even selfie captions. We also have a collection of quote pictures or images for a more graphic and creative approach to quotes.

Our website design intentionally takes a brualist and information-first approach to design.

Editorial Guidelines

Our quotes are often focused around:

We employ more than 10 editorial experts to scour the original sources of quotes and ensure that our quotes are linked to their proper destinations.

If you see issues related to the citation of our quotes or would like to make clarifications about our quotes, please email us at support@quotecatalog.com.

Other Websites We Own

Quote Catalog is run by the team who runs Thought Catalog, a destination for thoughtful millennial storytelling. We define Thought Catalog as a supportive community for those to share their thoughts, feelings and admirations for their future. Thought Catalog is primarily a female-focused editorial website. We employ more than 10 staff writers who focus on ensuring our community stays within its guidelines while discussing issues that many of us are afraid to talk about.

Contact Us

If you'd like to contact our team of experts and our executive leadership staff, please drop us a line at support@quotecatalog.com. We are happy to hear your general feedback. Please reach out if you'd like to discuss any matters related to Quote Catalog or Thought Catalog.

Quote Catalog Social/Apps

Quote Catalog is one of the most active and followed quote websites on social media. You can find us on the following platforms:

We also have a beloved and minimalist quote app that just presents the best quotes and has great inspirational and funny quote notifications. You can download the app here. We also have a similar app as Chrome browser extension.

Our Team

Kendra Syrdal - Homepage Curator

Kendra Syndral is one of the key partners at The Thought & Expresion Company and someone who knows almost everything everyone is saying on the internet at any given time. Over the last few years she has been personally responsible for writing, editing, and producing over 30+ million pageviews on Thought Catalog. She has worked with brands like Netflix, FX, eBay, Freeform, Tito's, and Ulta. Her own writing has been featured on Thought Catalog, The Huffington Post, Grandex Inc, Cosmopolitan.com, Buzzfeed, Salon, and more. You can learn more about Kendra on her website.

Samantha Newman - Pop Culture Analyst

Samantha Newman is a pop cultural connoisseur with top-notch academic credentials. While Samantha studied Cognitive Science and Bioethics at the University of Virginia, she is also perfectly versed in pop culture and is responsible for maintaining and updating our most popular tv show pages. Fun fact, Samantha’s favorite quote page is the one dedicated to the TV show Fleabag.

Kelly Peacock - Researcher

Kelly Peacock is an accomplished poet and social media expert based in Brooklyn, New York. Kelly has a Bachelor's degree in creative writing from Farieligh Dickinson University and has contributed to many literary and cultural publications. Kelly assists on a wide variety of quote inputting and social media functions for Quote Catalog. Visit her personal website here.

Daniella Urdinlaiz - Visual Designer

Daniella Urdinlaiz is our in-house illustrator responsible for making the famous Quote Catalog quote pictures seen on our website and all throughout our social properties. Daniella is an illustrator, animator and designer living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. As a creative, her work is rooted in storytelling, bringing narrative to life through illustration and animation. And as a producer, Daniella enjoys working with a team to manage and oversee commercial projects.You can checkout more of her work on her Instagram.

Brianna Wiest - Curator

Brianna Wiest is an American writer, editor, author and speaker. She has published thousands of articles which have generated millions of page views and readers throughout the world. Wiest is best known for her prolific work on emotional intelligence. You can learn more about Brianna on her website and Wikipedia page.

Chris Lavergne - Founder

Chris Lavergne is the founder of The Thought & Expression Company and Quote Catalog. Chris has long studied information systems. On the Quote Catalog project, he remarks: “We are building an input and catalog system that allows you to highlight something on a website or digital book, and then in seconds, archive it through various filters. This technology is a dream come true for me and I believe it will be a dream come true for many other digital-native readers looking to get to the heart of their favorite content.” You can read more about Chirs on his Wikipedia page.

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