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June 30 people will never do something they are not personally motivated. Those born on this day are usually of two types, introvert or extrovert, both of whom have highly personal goals. Their world is indeed a private one to which few are admitted. More introverted June 30 people will most often manifest a lifestyle in which they stick close to home (often working out of their own house). Their lives are so well circumscribed that favorite haunts are basically just an extension of the home situation—safe, secure, known. More extroverted June 30 people may appear to be mild-mannered until they reveal themselves in a performance situation. Here they must be careful that their flamboyance does not get out of control. 

Almost all June 30 people have highly developed technical talents, even to the point of virtuosity. They make formidable opponents, rarely at a loss to defend themselves; this ability, however, is most often exclusively either mental or physical. More introverted June 30 people must beware of a tendency to repress their aggressions. Often those born on this day are unable to express these feelings out of a fear that they will injure themselves or someone else. 

A more extroverted June 30 person expresses his/her aggression, being extremely competitive, but runs the risk of becoming violent; such a person is a fascinating but dangerous adversary. Paradoxically, however, when these extroverts are alone with those they are comfortable with, or publicly engaged in discussion, they can give the appearance of passivity, even docility. 

Both types of June 30 people frequently appear to be other than what they really are, depending on the situation, who is present, and their moods, which are generally more severe in men than women born on this day. This quality may make them somewhat mysterious. Because those born on this day are often unknown even to themselves, they will benefit from self-examination. 

The personal motivation at work in June 30 people often manifests in a hobby or out-of-the-way pursuit which interests them still more than their profession, and they will not hesitate to pour unlimited energy into this area. When, however, they are in touch with their environment and the wishes of others, they can also be valuable contributors to society at large. Those born on this day should actively seek out activities involving trust, give-and-take and social exchange. Because June 30 people will only let very few into their private world, being chosen as their friend can be a true compliment.

June 29 people are filled with visions and their life’s purpose may well be making dreams come true. Thus they have an uncanny ability to find practical applications for their fantasies and in so doing share them with other people. Those born on this day are also highly sensitive to the desires of others and, like Santa Claus, may be expected to deliver. In this respect they are at once responsible providers and dreamers with their heads in the clouds. 

Fortunately, an ability to come up with the funds they need to realize the success of their projects is characteristic of those born on this day. June 29 people most often display a thorough knowledge of technical matters in their given field, but they are not overly verbal people and, although eager to share, may find it difficult to communicate their methods to others. The quality of the products they produce, however, is plain for all to see and the ease with which they accomplish tasks may earn them a reputation as “magicians” with their superiors, colleagues or employees. 

Above all else, June 29 people are seekers of the truth, and as such deflate phoniness of any sort, defy false authority and expose spurious endeavors. June 29 people hope that the ends they serve, once established and made real, will reveal the true nature of things, or at least manifest a high degree of integrity. Those born on this day are rarely doctrinarily religious people, for they accept little at face value without investigating it for themselves. 

Air, breath, flying, singing and dancing are recurrent themes in the lives of June 29 people. Many born on this day have extremely lively, fun-loving and bubbly personalities. Sometimes falsely accused of superficiality, they don’t advertise their own underlying moral code. When a less highly evolved June 29 person inhibits the freedom or mobility of others, it is a particularly selfish act; such a double standard means that the June 29 person is free to fly, but that others are not. 

Though competitive, June 29 people make good partners and companions, preferring to share their lives with others rather than always putting their personal success first. Those born on this day are very generous in that they are truly happy when they are sharing their good fortune with others.

June 28 people generally put emotion before reason, and their approach to matters is direct and immediate. They make a most universal appeal to their co-workers, friends or family, a large part of which is the humor and cajoling they employ. Since humor is a superior way to reach people, they usually succeed in making an impression. 

June 28 people have a way of moving others to react to them emotionally, and may in fact be deliberately provocative when trying to garner attention. The shock value they elicit is considerable and those who know them sooner or later come to expect almost anything. Although they may appear highly spontaneous due to their antics, most of what they do is well thought out beforehand. Indeed, those born on this day are masters at anticipating the effect they will produce. 

Many June 28 people are leaders and movers in their family circle or social group. As employees they can tuck themselves away for a time in a quiet place and work unassumingly but if they sense an opportunity to share a funny story or make an outrageous comment they will tend to go for it. Logical thinking is not their forte, however, and it is more often their consistent work ethic or inspiration that makes them good employees. But for those born on this day, diligence at work does not necessarily mean order at home, and personal areas of their life (love, housework, raising children, keeping appointments, etc.) may be quite chaotic, even completely out of hand. 

Probably the worst punishment for June 28 people is to go unappreciated or ignored. Some born on this day gyrate back and forth between an intensely social need for interaction and appreciation on the one hand and the urge to be alone with their eccentricities on the other. Mates and children of such June 28 people must either have a great sense of humor and loads of tolerance or perhaps blind love to put up with them. 

Those born on June 28 often display a great objective interest in people. Because they are fascinated with human characteristics (particularly those of children), they may become taken by studies of behavior, history, language or anthropology. In this respect they can make excellent psychologists who offer insight into people’s motivations, thoughts and actions. In their circle they are often consulted where a matter of human nature is concerned but may not be taken seriously by everyone due to their habit of putting people on. Behind the jovial facade, however, a June 28 person is most often hypersensitive and serious.

June 27 people believe that the most effective offense is supported by a good defense. Extremely protective of their personal kingdom (be it family or business), they venture out into the world cautiously and only after their home base is secure from external threats. Once their guidance system is locked on, however, they proceed inexorably to their target, rarely straying off course. Thus, June 27 people are unbelievably determined once they set their sights on something and tend to get it, no matter what. 

There is usually a rock-solid set of moral convictions behind the drive and determination of June 27 people. Because of these convictions, those born on this day feel one hundred percent that their actions are just and correct, and they are rarely given to questioning themselves. The goals of most June 27 people are, generally speaking, highly personal rather than worldly, but they also have a strong competitive streak which urges them to overcome those they regard as competitors or rivals. In doing so, however, they can make very powerful enemies who later obstruct their progress, or in rare cases destroy or defeat them.  
At least in their philosophy and attitude, June 27 people have little capacity for admitting defeat. The benefits of such steadfastness are obvious, but may also result in an inflexible personality which is unwilling to accept unpleasant truths, and exhibits a kind of tunnel vision. When people are repelled by such a stance, or worse yet attack a June 27 person verbally, those born on this day may get bewildered, close down and withdraw into a kind of well-armored shell. 

An intense desire to protect not only themselves but also their family, friends or social group is of course one of the prime characteristics of June 27 people. They may, however, appear overly aggressive toward others; indeed they are masterful at alternating quickly between attack and defense. 

Because they are so firm in their convictions, June 27 people can make fine salespeople. They could sell ice to the Eskimos or pasta to the Italians. Particularly once they have formed their ideological goals, firmed up their belief systems and sorted out their principles, they develop an overwhelming urge not only to share their values with others but to persuade, educate and convince. 

Due to their marked empathic abilities, June 27 people pick up quickly on the feelings of others. But because of their somewhat antagonistic manner, they will often provoke less than sympathetic reactions from those with whom they live and work. Indeed, others may perceive them as so strong and invulnerable that they are somehow less deserving of compassion or kindness. 

June 26 people are most often a tower of strength and reliability to their family and friends. They are very physical people, and though they may be possessed of great sensitivity, manifest the solidity of earth. Regardless of their occupation, they look forward to life’s more sensual aspects and when at home can usually be found grounded in stable pursuits—maintaining and improving their homes, having fun with their families, etc. 

Children raised by a June 26 parent are usually fortunate in that their home is a haven of security from a sometimes harsh world. However, such June 26 people parents can also be overprotective of their children, shielding them from experiences which might potentially harm but also educate. The practical worldly knowledge of June 26 people is very great, but they are not always so understanding of human nature. This can make them difficult to relate to on a personal level. June 26 people generally insist on doing things their way, and consequently those who live with them may find their own initiative blunted. 

Excelling in physical or sporting activities is often a major focus for June 26 people, even at an advanced age. If they are not sporting types, they may be found applying their stamina to other areas, perhaps of a more mental or even sexual nature. Indeed, the sexual and sensual side of this day is quite pronounced; June 26 people typically enjoy invigorating and soothing pleasures such as massages, saunas, jacuzzis and ocean activities. 

June 26 people are almost invariably adept at making money. They enjoy spending it just as much, and since they generally have expensive tastes they must be careful not to let their expenditures get too far ahead of their earnings. 

Those born on this day are difficult to impose upon or intimidate. Although they avoid direct confrontations and conflicts, finding them distasteful, they do not back down if a challenge is thrust upon them. In this respect they are fearless. However, in seemingly non-threatening areas they may manifest all kinds of irrational anxieties which can develop into neurotic behavior, running the gamut from not liking their things touched or moved, to eccentric superstitions or phobias. They often have a kind of repulsion/attraction for their fears, and may wind up testing themselves again and again (for example, being afraid of heights but repeatedly daring to go up in airplanes, climb mountains, or do hang-gliding—i.e., counter-phobias). Basically June 26 people are attracted by challenge, but rarely object if life is made more comfortable for them, particularly at home.

June 25 people have a rare capacity for realizing their dreams. Reasons for their success include a knowledge of the environment surrounding them and the times in which they live, as well as a sensitivity to what works and what doesn’t. Thus they are not only tuned in to people and events but also may be able to capitalize on the opportunities presented by them. Financial success can be theirs if they can put their empathic powers to work, but they may suffer financial reversals or even poverty before they realize this potential. 

Either consciously or unconsciously June 25 people are asking others to have faith in them, because what they produce or say is often highly visionary. This acceptance on the part of their audience is essential to the self-confidence of those born on this day as well as their ability to work and create. This includes the basic support of family, which anchors and stabilizes their career. Without this trust and faith, the energies of June 25 people often burn out or run down, ending in collapse. In certain cases they may also find themselves exhausted by sensuous and hedonistic drives. 

Generally, the nurturing side of June 25 people is highly developed and applies not only to their family, friends and colleagues, but also to their homes, possessions and money, which they like to keep in a process of growth and development. Thus most June 25 people are adept at both earning money and investing it wisely. They understand that in many areas of life, the small acts of caring and concern one invests in the present can bring great future returns. 

June 25 people can be very emotional in relationships, though their love and sex feelings are generally kept private and under strict control. What they do show a propensity to release in public are sharp criticisms and occasional outbursts of anger and negativity, perhaps even rough language. Already known for their highly changeable moods, June 25 people must beware of turning dictatorial, imposing their views or alienating others; such behavior will drive away those whose trust they truly need.

June 24 people are often completely taken up with their vocation, art or business concerns. The more highly evolved individuals born on this day devote themselves to creative, positive projects; the less highly evolved contribute their energies to undertakings with a decidedly negative or destructive cast. Both are equally involved, particularly in a technical sense, since June 24 people develop their own particular approach to their activities down to the last detail. Technique for these individuals is not so much an objective study which can be learned by everyone, but rather a highly personal set of tools which allows them to express themselves unhindered and master what they do. 

Poorly evolved individuals are, of course, headed in the opposite direction, preferring conflict, hurt, pain, struggle and domination. It is unlikely but not impossible that the less evolved can turn their values around in a single lifetime, but since many of us are now granted a lifespan in excess of eighty-four years (one Uranus cycle), in a sense, more than one lifetime can be lived, offering opportunity for tremendous change. This change can come about through study, increased self-awareness, raised consciousness, influential experiences and above all, the basic desire to improve oneself. 

June 24 people have what could be described as religious fervor for their principal activity. They strive for self-discipline and are capable of tremendous feats of concentration. They value a flowing, natural, spontaneous, somewhat improvised work method, but one backed by iron-clad technical skills. Even amoral June 24 people come to be aware that their work holds great potential for both good and bad ends. Those born on this day often encounter a severe mid-life crisis in their early forties concerning their ethics. 

Above all, June 24 people want to be left alone to do what they love most, and therefore their family and friends must be highly understanding of the strict privacy they need for their work. Occasionally those born on this day venture out to perform on a high level in the world, but usually do their most important work in the confines of their safe, and often secret, home base. Those June 24 people who work in offices or primarily out in society usually value their home life more than their work, and reserve the larger part of their energies for personal interests.

June 23 people are often taken up with love relationships, either those of others or their own. Indeed they value a close relationship with their mate above all else and do everything they can to enchant the other party or to be super-appreciative of their charms. It is the intensely magnetic feelings of being in love which so mesmerize these people. Added magic is given to this day through the fact that June 23 is often celebrated as Midsummer’s Eve. If students of love, those born on this day want to know the motivations of people in seeking each other out, what they are like physically, and every detail about their intimacies. Such a study does not imply voyeurism, but neither does it rule it out. 

Relationships, of course, are the stuff of most people’s lives but when it comes to the intensity of one-on-one romantic relationships, June 23 people are hard to match. Yet, it is not only their emotions that direct them but the entire social context of the affair. Those born on this day tend to be very much a part of society in both their interests and lifestyle. Therefore, they are rarely found running off to the woods with their mate. They are not shy about sharing the news of their love with others and they enjoy the social benefits society has to offer couples. Unless their religion demands it, however, whether they are married or not is of no great importance to them, as the state’s legal approval means little. 

June 23 people are drawn to the enchantment of art, music and literature. It is always the splendid characters, the magical themes or orchestration, the enchanting colors and shapes which attract them. The arts often occupy a central position in their lives, as they are highly appreciative listeners, viewers and readers. Indeed, those born on this day frequently find such fascination in a character from a novel or an actor on the screen that it can temporarily replace feelings for their loved one. 

Those born on June 23 who study human relationships categorize and arrange information in their minds. They love to share their ideas, and have many wild and wacky theories about love and sex. They must guard against a tendency to be indiscreet and gossipy about what they know, and should avoid prying into the affairs of others. Yet this is difficult for them to manage, so avid are they in their interest. The students of love born on this day must beware of envy. Those deeply involved in relationships must guard against feelings of hatred and jealousy, if things fall apart.

June 22 people are overtly or covertly taken up with life as romance, as adventure. They are drawn to the drama of life and find it very difficult to resist the temptation of an exciting journey, an intriguing situation or hidden love affair. Overtly romantic June 22 people wear their heart on their sleeve—the adventuresomeness they cherish is fully public. The covert romantic finds the hiding of a secret the most romantic and special act of all. Covert types are often quiet and shy, with a lovely soft demeanor. “No one shall know but I how I feel” may describe their attitude. 

Those born on this day exalt passion and experience to the highest plane. When they are in love or in search of a new adventure they are no longer fully in touch with the mundane world. (When they are not in such a state they are remarkably practical at attending to daily matters. Both men and women born on this day can be excellent homemakers, for example.) The highs June 22 people feel are truly as intense as religious or drug experiences. 

Unfortunately, their lows may be equally weighty and deep, and consequently they may suffer anxiety and depression. After several disappointments, those born on this day may begin to steel themselves to the world and to close off to their lovers by becoming more covert in their motives and actions. The danger is that as the years pass they will increasingly isolate themselves in a dreamworld where they infuse memories with a still greater romance than they once did the actual events in their lives. 

June 22 people rarely realize how heavy their need is to control their emotional environment. In their own mind they are at the mercy of their feelings. But for example, by telling someone they love them, or even by thinking it repeatedly, they can be exercising dominance and claiming the loved one. In the same way, their fantasy life can manifest as a very real entity to the extent that such thoughts have real power over their objects. 

As mentioned, the power of a June 22 person’s projected emotions is usually so strong that those around them immediately sense what is expected of them and what is forbidden. In both setting up invisible boundaries and leaving invisible doors ajar, those born on this day are able to exert a strong influence on loved ones.

June 21 people are obsessed with life, with every aspect of existence. Whether intellectuals or sensualists, aristocratic or plebeian, they thirst after the experiences of the world, and those who live in developed countries often come to symbolize all that is best and worst about modern capitalist society. Not infrequently they are money-wise, even brilliant with family or company finances. Extremely success-oriented, they have a tendency to become autocratic and tolerate little departure from their own ethical codes. The fact that June 21 marks the summer solstice, the longest day and shortest night of the year, symbolizes the rich worldly nature of this day. 

Even June 21 intellectuals tend to be very sensual, sexually-oriented beings. No matter how cynical, ironic, or logical June 21 people may be, they can still be slaves to a private life of passionate love. Thus, many highly evolved June 21 people live in a rapturous state where they revel in the pleasures of the mind and the flesh. Indeed, their thoughts are passionate and their lovemaking artful, even thoughtful. These are some of the few people in the year for whom physical and mental matters are truly integrated and pursued avidly and uncompromisingly. 

Needless to say, June 21 people are very intense. Either they themselves are thought beautiful and attractive to others or they are extremely attracted to physical beauty. In either case, a kind of Beauty and the Beast dynamic is frequently at work. 

In their enthusiasm and drive to succeed, June 21 people surmount whatever obstacles stand in their way. Their personality seems to work a kind of magic on others, and they often occupy a key position in their family, social circle or professional life. Those born on this day would make excellent politicians, were it not that they so often find themselves at odds with the prevailing social system. 

June 21 people must, of course, beware of going beyond the pale in regard to their passions—be they for criticism, ideas, sex or social involvement. They may find themselves involved in a world where anything is allowed—eaten up by their egos, destroyed by their sensuality, obsessed by their interests. 

June 20 people have a way of arousing strong emotions and bringing others out. Exceptional people born on this day can even experience or allow others to experience a loss of rational orientation or a heightened state. Such a state in extreme cases may be trancelike, ecstatic, even hysterical. Powers of ESP, psychic and predictive abilities are not uncommon among June 20 people. 

Indeed, those born on this day must guard their rationality. They should periodically examine their logic, for if it is employed to serve purely emotional ends then it may not be reasonable at all. Persuading others, in and of itself, is extremely attractive to many June 20 people. Unfortunately, they may not have the highest tolerance for ideas contrary, or as they see it, threatening, to their own.

No matter how sensible or rational June 20 people appear, there is usually an underlying irrationality in their make-up. Because of this, excitement and emotionality seem to swirl around them. Neither they themselves, nor those with whom they are involved may recognize the fact that much of the excitement, instability and adventure that arises may be a result of forces springing from deep within the June 20 nature. This is not to suggest that the lives of June 20 people need be chaotic or formless. Indeed, to the extent of their “magic” powers, those born on this day are not only capable of arousing emotion but of controlling and directing it as well. 

Although June 20 people are ultra-sensitive to emotion they may not always be sensitive to the concerns of others at any given time. Thus it is important for them to work on promoting in themselves the simple human attributes of kindness, consideration and acceptance, while alleviating the root causes of jealousy, anger or envy. June 20 people must learn to express their emotions in a free-flowing yet moderate manner, and to cultivate a sense of calm internally and externally.

June 19 people bring out the best and the worst in others. Rarely are they met with apathy but elicit strong responses, even when they do not seem to be acting in a provocative fashion. Just their presence alone can be somewhat intimidating and therefore arouse antagonism, but their intense drive and fortitude may also inspire admiration. 

Women born on this day are highly persuasive, directed, and usually know exactly what they want, whether it be career or educational advancement, an emotionally rewarding relationship or financial stability. June 19 men, on the other hand, are generally steady types who hang in there regardless of what fate has in store for them (but are equally hard-driving). Both men and women born on this day tend to set events around them in motion. 

June 19 people are highly stimulating, capable of getting the most sluggish of individuals moving. Their strong convictions and courage to act definitely serve as a positive example. Although their methods of motivating others may seem rather strong medicine, there is no denying that a good kick in the pants is what is required now and then. Also, though others may feel some resentment at being urged on, they will usually appreciate a June 19 person’s good intentions. 

A real problem for June 19 people may be an inability or a refusal to recognize limitations both in themselves and in their social role. Driving themselves too hard or too fast may not only put them at risk of breakdown but may actually land them in difficult situations. Perhaps they do perform well under stress, even shine, but over time, such stress can take its toll. Those born on this day should consider the effect of their hard-driving lifestyle on their family and loved ones, who may not have bargained for so much struggle. 

If those born on June 19 can heighten their awareness both of what is going on within themselves and in the world around them, they will avoid burnout and better their chances of success. Just allowing themselves the luxury of choice, the freedom to occasionally go around obstacles (rather than confronting them head on) is a major step in the right direction.

June 18 are very influential, and often move in hidden ways, exerting their greatest influence behind the scenes. Having an enormous personal effect on others, even defying limitations of time and space, those born on this day are capable of transmitting their energies from a distance, through powerful thoughts. For this reason they are bad enemies to make. June 18 people are extremely good with money, particularly the women born on this day, who know how to get it and what to do with it. They are especially good money managers. 

Interestingly enough, many women born on June 18 are cast in a helpless role early in life and later break out of this mold by becoming super-capable and reliable. In this respect, they are fighters, capable of overcoming great disadvantages and childhood traumas. 

Men born on June 18 rely on their personal charm and talents to endear them to others. They like being at the top and require large doses of adoration from their family, friends and public; thus they may develop ego problems. More highly developed June 18 men outgrow the need for excessive attention and become strong, self-sufficient individuals. In general, cultivating true modesty and humility is a worthwhile goal for June 18 men. 

June 18 people of both sexes usually make excellent parents. They understand the need of children for both amusement and structure. Most often they invest the necessary time and interest in parenting to let their children know they really care; they also recognize the advantages of a financially secure home. They will not spoil their children, however, and are firm on matters they consider of vital importance. The development of their children’s character is what they value most. 

Those born on June 18 are playful and love to have fun. Yet they have nasty tempers and, although appearing mild, deal quite harshly with moral wrongdoers. Most often their attitude is “live and let live,” but they are not to be crossed in areas involving honor and trust. The best way to appeal to them is through playfulness, for it is difficult for them to refuse fun and they enjoy seductive games of all kinds. 

June 18 people are usually faithful to their mates, family and friends. They are, of course, tempted from time to time but will very rarely forsake those they love for the promise of a better situation with someone else. They are excellent, responsible friends as well, but they can be both manipulative and erratic, two traits they should try to minimize. Because they get bored easily, they are constantly looking for excitement and change. It is these qualities, rather than anything truly immoral in their nature, which sometimes leads them astray.

June 17 people take what they do seriously. No matter how relaxed or comfortable they may appear to others, they are intent on reaching their goals and being responsible family members and friends. They can give the impression of having their life pretty well figured out. Unfortunately, while the demands they place on themselves are high they are also likely to lay a heavy burden on those close to them. If they have outright followers or employees, they can be extremely moral, stern and demanding of obedience to their wishes. 

June 17 people are facile in thought and action, and consequently somewhat impatient with those who work with them. Normally, those born on this day are not good teachers and lack the necessary patience and understanding to explain to the apprentice or student. It is even more difficult for June 17 people to stand idly by while a job is bungled. In the bat of an eye they have probably already done it by themselves. 

Those born on this day can be extremely persuasive in their arguments. They are also adept at applying pressure, whether sensual or forceful, in getting others to do their bidding. Highly talented or successful June 17 people tend to be influential in their area of endeavor, even after they have retired from the fray. 

Usually a strong physical as well as mental presence is characteristic of those born on this day; emotional and intuitive capacities can be somewhat lacking, however. June 17 people may be hard, perhaps nearly impossible to reach on a deep feeling level. Many born on this day are alternately mistrusting and impulsive. 

June 17 people make fine planners, designers, and travellers, as most have an innate sense of direction and understanding of spatial realities.

June 17 people have been known to stretch a story a bit, even to tell some mighty tall tales in order to get their way. In addition, some born on this day get a real kick out of deceiving others. This may be harmless play, but like any game must be kept light and under control. Those born on June 17 should avoid gambling: though they may be clever, highly adept players they are still vulnerable to loss and being drawn into unscrupulous activities. Indeed, less highly evolved June 17 people make excellent con-artists. Whatever their moral character, however, those born on this day seem to have no trouble attracting followers to their cause, whether public or private.

June 16 people know how to capitalize on their investments. The words “capitalize” and “investment” suggest money, but can also serve as metaphors for other areas (career, family) into which those born on this day put their energies. Even if they are met with failure or stagnation, June 16 people usually manage to produce something positive from their projects or endeavors, as they so often turn misfortunes to their advantage. In this respect they are true capitalists. 

June 16 people have “the long breath” and invest for the future, rather than seeking immediate returns. They do not fear a lack of initial profit or results from their projects but are content to watch them grow. In some respects they are akin to gardeners. Careful preparation, sowing at the right time, cultivating and finally harvesting all come naturally to them.

Various forms of collecting and saving appeal to June 16 people, thus, for example, carefully building up a valuable inventory in a business is a happy preoccupation. They may err on the side of caution, however, and due to fear or indecisiveness fail to make those moves that would bring them greater success.

June 16 people must also resist the temptation to make a quick killing on the market, a great but passing splash in their career, or a heavy but false impression on the one they care for. They soon learn that some short-term successes may only harm their chances in the long run. Thus, they have to strike a balance between being active and decisive on the one hand, and learning how to wait and be patient on the other. This means developing a feeling for the type of time called kairos by the Greeks (i.e., knowing the right time to do something). 

Generally June 16 people choose their friends with great care. Their intuitions are strong about those with whom they associate and they have a sixth sense for people who are trying to take advantage of them. Certain June 16 people have very strongly developed psychic abilities and are interested in extra-sensory and spiritual studies. For them, there is no contradiction between the physical and the spiritual, the material and the metaphysical aspects of work. These June 16 people are at once practical and imaginative, and in touch with all worlds around them.

June 15 people depend on their charm to get them where they want to go. Thus their principal talents are outwardly directed and involve others. June 15 people must be appreciated for their seductive charms to work. That is, their particular brand of seduction is overt rather than covert. Those born on this day have a way of winning others over to their point of view and then bringing the best out of them. Most June 15 people just want to feel appreciated; only the least evolved are more calculating and have a hidden agenda. Money may be very important to this type of June 15 person. 

Being attractive, in a broad sense, is a big issue for those born on this day. If they do not have natural looks, they use their brains to seduce. If that doesn’t work, they use their cunning, their speech, or their knowledge of human nature to draw interest. They have a way of making the opposite sex dependent on them, usually by a combination of the above mentioned charm and becoming indispensable. Any manipulation taking place is, again, clearly overt and in no way as underhanded as it sounds—the game is usually enjoyed by both players.

June 15 people specialize in knowing people, how they tick, what their dreams, aspirations and basic needs are. More importantly, they are able to make use of this knowledge. Often people of this type working for a cause or a company can be of great value in attracting the public to a product or service; public relations and advertising seem to come naturally to them. Indeed, any profession involving “baiting the hook and catching the fish” is within their talents: evangelical work for example. 

June 15 people are adept at guiding children, for they understand youthful motivations. They usually make good parents but can have some glaring faults, such as spoiling their children terribly or manipulating them through being alternately unforgiving and apologetic. 

If a club or organization is looking for a fundraiser, they need look no further; if a business depends on getting people into their store, June 15 people will usually know not only how to attract customers but how to make the sale as well. They have an instinct for how far to push and when to back off, and as the years go by they just get better at it. Rarely are those born on this day found pursuing immoral goals, perhaps because it is the pursuit itself, not the goal that interests them. Most often their charming manner is a delight to those around them.

June 14 people are determined and intense, and they are sharp in their observations and assessment of what goes on around them. They are usually strongly opinionated, loyal, and demonstrate great courage when fighting the good fight, the honorable battle. They are forceful and convincing when presenting their ideas and opinions, and because they understand human nature all too well, capable of mercilessly exposing hypocrisy and pretense. 

The women born on this day are particularly forceful, both mentally and physically. The men may be no less strong, but tend to have an egotistical and dictatorial streak which can create conflict for them with others. Less evolved June 14 men are capable of clever duplicity. Both male and female June 14 people have strong critical leanings, and can be merciless when in a satirical or lampooning mood. 

June 14 people are really tough, difficult to get around or smooth-talk. Once they see the goal ahead of them, they go for it. Generally their loyalty extends first to their family, second to friends, and last to society. If attached to a leader or cause they can become a most articulate spokesperson. They make very bad enemies indeed, and one would be foolish to antagonize them for they know very well how to take revenge. 

Difficulties and problems abound for June 14 people, but they display remarkable expertise in managing them. Like experienced ballplayers, they know how to handle the intricacies of the game while keeping cool. Those born on this day must beware of dominating others in relationships; June 14 people often recognize problems way in advance and act on them, instead of giving their partners a chance to cope with things, even to fail (but learn from the experience). In this respect they are at best overprotective, at worst, compulsive. 

June 14 people value freedom of movement, both mental and physical freedom. To be imprisoned, detained or even delayed is intolerable to them. For some June 14 people, the fear of being held against their will can border on being a phobia.

June 13 people are seekers, absorbed in dreams of far-off places and adventures. Usually beginning in their youth, their readings and/or fantasies fuel a passion for exploration of foreign worlds that stays with them for a lifetime. These adventures may involve actual travel to distant lands or be an investigation of mythology dealing with metaphysical worlds, with the past, or with the future. More highly developed June 13 people often realize their fantasies, whether in business, scientific research or art; the less ambitious born on this day nurse Walter Mitty-like secret desires, and though they don’t actually pursue them, such dreams bring color to their lives. They must beware, however, that acute frustration may build up due to the disparity between what they want to be and what they are. 

For those born on June 13, “nothing is impossible” could be a credo. They use their mind power to triumph over real obstacles, and are most fulfilled when doing so. Again, the danger for some born on this day is that such triumphs only take place in the mind, and are in fact a self-deluded and unreal state. If not jarred out of this condition, however, by being confronted with the truth, these dreamers can go along quite happily for years. 

Those born on this day admire persons with the courage to attempt impossible feats—heroes past and present. Such hero-worship often fixates on one figure. Unfortunately, when this person happens to be the father of either male or female June 13 people, this god-like idol of their own making can come crashing down when he descends to less than god-like behavior. Being the idolized father, or for that matter the mate, friend or lover of a June 13 person, although initially flattering, is ultimately too heavy for anyone to handle. Those born on this day must thus be aware of their tendency to idealize, and control it, for the sake of everyone concerned. 

June 13 people are daydreamers, and they love travel, climbing, walking, running— all forms of movement, and they long to overcome limitations of matter, space and time. For this reason, when tied down to the repetitive work of a factory, office or home, they may bear the sad demeanor of a captive. 

It comes as no surprise that June 13 people are attracted to danger and risk-taking. It is not that they have self-destructive urges, but rather that activities like hang gliding, ocean sports or mountain climbing give them the opportunity to lay it on the line as far as technique and courage are concerned, and push themselves to the limit and beyond. In this respect, such rugged activities are actually metaphysical in nature.

June 12 people generally operate under the assumption that things are going fine. Rarely will they give in to a sense of defeatism even when circumstances present a rather gloomy outlook. However, their cheerful exterior can at times hide a troubled inner life. Though they meet life’s challenges squarely, such worldly concerns may draw an inordinate amount of energy away from their own problems. They must beware that unresolved personal issues do not undercut their endeavors. 

June 12 people can be very generous, giving people but only when they feel it is warranted. Though optimists, they are realistic and objective individuals not to be approached for a handout, and generally of the opinion that “God helps those that help themselves.” This attitude applies in relation to their children and parents as well and although they are “there” for their families, they may appear a bit hard at times, particularly since they are rather judgmental. In truth, those born on this day are extremely dutiful and responsible individuals who understand that too much kindness kills independence, too much nurturing stifles growth. 

June 12 people are an interesting blend of pragmatist and idealist. Their naiveté manifests in relation to themselves, not to the world at large, which they treat quite realistically. Unfortunately, those born on this day don’t use the world as a mirror for self-understanding. Too often they surround themselves with people who perpetuate and reinforce an unrealistic image; thus June 12 people’s greatest difficulty lies in perceiving themselves objectively. 

People born on this day are happiest when in motion. They love to fly, to drive—in short to travel for its own sake. Too often, they feel that by moving they can leave their troubles behind, but of course such is not the case. More highly evolved June 12 people can succeed in facing up to their difficulties. After they weather the initial shock and depression that may follow, they can emerge as stronger, more aware individuals with a purpose. 

June 12 people seem to have boundless energy for a host of activities. They make good parents and friends in the sense of being fun, entertaining and never boring.

June 11 people have the courage to push beyond boundaries imposed by either society or nature. Their will to overcome, to go one step further, to break out of limitation is marked. Therefore, those born on this day may be called expansive and somewhat aggressive personalities. 

In order to overcome limitations, however, one must recognize them for what they are. To this end, successful June 11 people are students, even scientists, well-versed in their field or speciality. They wish to know their subject well and achieve technical mastery of it. Instead of fearing danger, June 11 people often recognize it as a necessary stimulus. Once they have progressed to the limit others have reached, it only remains for them to push on. This exploration can manifest in any area: business, sports, cooking, sex, drugs, emotional and psychological areas, frightening or criminal experiences, even in raising a family to new heights of excellence. 

June 11 people generally do not have the confusing variety of interests and lack of specialization typical of many Geminis. They are most often grounded and studied in one discipline to which they devote all of their energy. Those born on this day are markedly intense, highly competitive people. Their will to win is strong and rarely do they back down, give in or desist from the struggle for any reason. They are not types given to early or inactive retirement but “bop ‘til they drop,” and would rather go out in a blaze of glory than fade away. For those born on June 11, there are no guarantees of success nor does insurance against failure really mean much. For them it could be said that “the play’s the thing,” and since they compete with abandon, the question of winning or losing is somehow secondary. “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” thus takes on new meaning. 

Successful June 11 people function well as team members but are more often found at the helm. They recognize both the importance of individual effort and the subjugation of ego for the common good. Perhaps this is why they are so often highly admired, even worshiped by members of their group. Nonetheless, 

June 11 people must beware of overstepping the bounds of society. They not only have a habit of arousing enmity and jealousy but can also appear downright arrogant to some people. Those indeed guilty of such hubris can become truly tragic victims, struck down by their social group, ostracized, even incarcerated. Those born on this day, particularly, have a need for humility that guards their goodness from conceit or extreme egotism.

June 10 people experience a life that clearly has its ups and downs. The more successful born on this day manage to synthesize and reconcile opposites (happy and sad, manic and depressed, funny and tragic); the less successful can be driven crazy by pendulum swings from light to dark and back again. For some June10 people it is when they are pushed to desperation that they become most gutsy. One could say that those born on this day aren’t afraid of anything because they are afraid of everything; indeed, they often take tremendous chances trying to bring resolution to dilemmas. Those born on June 10 may seem happy-go-lucky, or at least bittersweet, but if one scratches below the surface a bit, there is a darker side to their life. 

Through their own experience, highly evolved June 10 people come to have a deep understanding of the interrelationship between light and dark forces in the universe. They develop a capacity to feel both the humor and sadness in the simplest everyday situations, and certainly in socially important ceremonies marking coming of age, marriage, funerals and the like. Less highly evolved June 10 people ride on the same emotional roller coaster, but their experience brings no wider understanding; they have no philosophy that protects them from grief. 

Dark plutonic and fateful saturnian forces have a strange fascination for June 10 people. Matters of sexuality, death, destruction, passion and violence interest them enormously and can even become a fixation. Indeed, it is fear which attracts and repels them most, because it arouses so many deep, uncontrollable emotions. Many June 10 people hide this fascination behind a smiling, effervescent facade; others are attracted to plutonic personalities who exert a magnetic pull on their repressed dark side. Usually June 10 people’s analytic abilities are highly developed—they love to probe, explore, experiment and theorize. 

June 10 women, in particular, can appear chaotic and high-strung. They often channel nervous energy into controlling their environment, for example, seeking perfection at work or keeping a spotless home. It may be that this represents an attempt to control disturbances in their consciousness. 

Both men and women born on June 10 must protect themselves against their fascination with the dark side. If they can integrate such an interest in their work, in a healthy way, they will be both happy and successful. If, on the other hand, they lose themselves in a cheerful public persona while failing to cope with negativity in their private life.

June 9 people can display a duality in being both forceful individuals on the one hand and curiously passive on the other. Usually the way this manifests is that in some areas of life they show strong and determined qualities but in others are surprisingly reluctant to act. Perhaps they are decisive and forceful at work but timid in relationships (particularly initiating them), or the reverse: showing less ambition and drive than is required in their careers and yet dominating at home. This duality can exist even within one area of concern and is markedly changeable. Thus, particularly in the emotional sphere, others may not know what to expect of June 9 people. Those relating to them in one area of life only may indeed be surprised to see how they operate in another. 

As far as their ideas are concerned, however, June 9 people are usually rock solid to a fault; they do not trade their beliefs easily. June 9 people are outspoken, and can be quite blunt in their criticism of other points of view; indeed, they may at times seem overly critical of those on their own side (those born on this day don’t consider blind loyalty a virtue). Not ones to overlook details, June 9 people can be almost fanatical in making sure that they and their friends, family or associates are truly in agreement. 

June 9 people have facile minds and a logical orientation, but may at times act out in an emotionally immature fashion. Fortunately, positive childlike qualities far outweigh such childishness, and those born on this day themselves have a way with children.

June 9 people must guard against uncontrolled expression of primitive emotions, particularly jealousy, anger, envious worship or other forms of unhealthy adoration. Mental training is the key. Cultivating objectivity where there is chaos, carrying over positive attributes from one compartment of life to another, and breaking down artificial boundaries and boxes they have created for themselves is a great but highly rewarding challenge. Integration is the theme here, becoming a whole person, and when June 9 people manage to bring various aspects of their lives together they are capable of great happiness and success. If not, they remain compartmentalized and bafflingly inconsistent—superb in some areas and woefully deficient in others.

June 8 people show highly developed mental abilities which may be equally well applied to science, the humanities or the arts. As family leaders (this is particularly true for women) they show a strong feeling of responsibility, and exhibit character and steadfastness in times of adversity. However, the more talented June 8 people are, the more eccentric and idiosyncratic they can be. Their mental balance can be precarious due to their sensitive ego and the rarefied world they inhabit. 

June 8 people are not known for considering the consequences of their actions. Neither are they particularly diplomatic. Thus it may be that one big mistake can ruin or at least severely set back many years of positive work. Careful planning and objectivity are thus crucial to the successful outcome of their projects. A highly talented or creative June 8 person may feel the need to withdraw from the world periodically, but during these periods of recharging and inspiration must remain in touch with the world of events. Those born on this day are not the most social anyway (even if studying people is their driving passion). 

In an attempt to be just, those born on this day can turn judgmental; in their need to be courageous, they may develop aggressive tendencies. June 8 people can also become preachy and overly moral, even those who are most unconventional themselves. It is as if they demand a tolerance for themselves which they are unwilling to grant others. On the other hand, loyalty is something that June 8 people both expect from others and personally demonstrate (especially in regard to family and friends). However, in order to advance in their personal development, those born on this day may need to lessen feelings of guilt associated with a zealous sense of duty. 

Because of the steadily increasing demands that accompany a climb to success, and because of their low threshold for stress, many June 8 people are happiest when they find a level of performance at which they function satisfactorily and stay there. 

When occupying positions of importance or authority, June 8 people must keep in mind that any lack of communication between them and their employees or public will only intensify stresses. Therefore, they should establish open channels of communication that allow for an easy exchange of information and concerns. If these few requirements are met, their minds will remain free to soar, to innovate, to manifest their theories and plans with extraordinary success and benefit to others.

June 7 people not only have their finger on the public pulse but often set the fashion for their social set or family. These colorful figures may be impractical or unreliable dreamers but they sure know how to pick up on the wishes and thoughts of others. Indeed their confidence and charisma can lead to disappointment in the sense that they may be chosen to fill a commanding role for which they are not suited. Nonetheless, should they venture out to achieve wider acclaim in society at large, those born on this day have what it takes to captivate others with their seductive charm. Often this talent is employed in an easy manner, free of self-consciousness or calculation. 

It is very important to the lasting success of June 7 people that they go deeply into life and not be content to skim merrily along on its surface. Often judged to be superficial, they must expand their horizons beyond the material aspects of life, such as clothes, car, house and money. This will also be a key factor in determining whether or not they can form close friendships and deep commitments. Should they refuse to seek a more profound basis for their lives, they will generally fail repeatedly to establish intimacy in their personal relationships. Those born on this day may be unaware of their deficiencies until one day someone they really care about breaks the news to them, perhaps not too gently either. 

Usually the “language” at which June 7 people excel is decidedly non-verbal and may not be particularly intellectual either. Visual and body language come naturally to them, as does the language of love. Their desire to seduce others, either literally or figuratively, is commensurate with their skills to do so. This seduction may take both a physical and verbal form. Unfortunately, what signifies much to others may for the June 7 person be merely a passing fancy. Thus their ability to disappoint is great. 

June 7 people are decidedly sensuous and physical types who enjoy many forms of movement and body contact. In addition, they delight in shocking people and playing jokes. Most of all they despise pretentious types who put on airs. Even when highly successful, those born on this day pride themselves on keeping the common touch and remaining in tune with the times. Entertainment is probably what gives them the greatest satisfaction, whether appreciating a performance or performing themselves.

June 6 people have a vision which is truly a part of them. It can manifest in their profession, family affairs or field of study, but will influence every aspect of their life. Carrying through on their often far-reaching plans is given top priority, and therefore those born on this day can be lonely or unable to share at a deep level with those who have close relationships with them. It is as if their heart is already spoken for. 

The greatest danger to June 6 people is that their vision will carry them to extremes of both word and deed. Negative results of such extremism can range from personal injury to failure or even death. Thus those born on this day must be guarded in the use of the unusual energies granted them. 

Polarities of all sorts captivate and attract June 6 people. Those born on this day have little time for compromise or seeking the mean in life, but usually go flat out after their goals and desires. Some June 6 people appear moderate or even conservative in appearance and demeanor but beneath such a veneer it is likely a creature of a more radical nature lurks. If those born on this day are forced by society or circumstances to lead more predictable lives, then their wilder side sublimates in dreams and fantasies. 

Women born on this day may well have a few unusual, even bizarre, qualities but it is June 6 men who can be truly strange. Less highly evolved people born on this day have crackpot schemes and flawed visions which they are unable to realize. These less gifted or advanced people must learn to accept their role in life and seek more pragmatic outlets for their still facile minds. In the case of extreme mental imbalance, criminal and psychologically destructive acts can also manifest. 

The most successful June 6 people inevitably use their visionary abilities to enlighten and advance those around them, often through a unique kind of communication, whether written, spoken or non-verbal. The ideas of such people serve as an inspiration to those capable of understanding them.

Those born on June 6 have a revolutionary zeal, a desire to remake existing social structures, as they see it, for the better. Above all, freedom is the watchword of this day.

June 5 people are often amazed when others don’t understand them. In their own ears, their language is plain and simple, based on fact, pragmatic. Yet their ideas can be intricate, involved and occasionally out of touch with reality; their listeners may manage to follow their train of thought yet fail to ultimately grasp the meaning or intention behind it. Some June 5 people put far too much emphasis on developing ideas and systems of thought, and too little on the natural facts of everyday life. 

 It is true that many June 5 people seem to live in their own world. Yet so important is communication to them that they will be greatly frustrated if misunderstood. Successful people born on this day learn to raise their aggravation threshold, and at the same time allow people the time and space to take in what they say. Less evolved June 5 people come on in a rush, expecting others to anticipate the next thought of what could only be called an interior monologue. Instead of just vocalizing what’s on their mind, they have to learn to chew over ideas and deliver them in a leisurely and measured fashion. For example, instead of using a dozen arguments to support a position, delivering one convincing argument may be far more effective. 

 June 5 people have a strongly compulsive side that urges them to get things right. Some women born on this day are taken for flakes early in life, but can develop into super-capable people, proving their detractors wrong. Many June 5 people are prone to worry unless every last detail and eventuality is prepared for. “What if?” is a question they constantly ask themselves and others. This worry usually springs from fear that they will be severely criticized for making errors or made to look foolish. If they can lighten up a bit, and occasionally laugh at themselves, they will be happier and healthier. 

 Most June 5 people are highly competitive and like to win. Though not perfectionists by nature, some born on this day wind up mercilessly driving themselves in that direction, thinking such an attitude will help them succeed. Often their own worst enemy, they create difficulties for themselves and others which do not exist. Mental conflicts particularly attract them, but it is more often physical challenges which they must overcome. Anxieties can be avoided by finding satisfaction in activities which balance both mind and body.

June 4 people have quick minds when it comes to language, so they generally attract attention. When speaking on a subject they can be positively inspirational but when expressing disagreement they are rarely nuanced or diplomatic. Although not necessarily suited for leadership roles, those born on this day may nonetheless find themselves at the top. They can feel insecure in such a position, and must therefore guard against autocratic behavior. Ultimately, they are happier when working as an empowered member of a team. 

June 4 people should beware of surrendering their cherished flexibility in favor of strict rules, dogma and dubious obligation. Those born on this day are never happier than when in the learning stages of a profession or interest, acting the role of student or apprentice and working to perfect themselves. It is important that they always have new projects on the horizon because they can quickly grow dissatisfied with any sort of constricting work that limits their development. In the worst cases, they can take out these frustrations on their family, friends and co-workers. 

There is no denying the technical skills of those born on this day, and they often become experts in their field or at least sought after in the workplace. Many June 4 people not only excel at what they do, but are able to bring a healthy dose of structure to their environment. Though they may have mixed feelings about making decisions for others, their organizational skills are impressive, and they are capable of molding diverse individuals into a cohesive and effectual unit. 

June 4 people usually give weight to their intuition, their hunches, and rightly so. They should never make the mistake of thinking too much and allowing the mental part of them to undermine this intuitive power. Often workaholics, they must guard an emotional life likely to dry up if they throw themselves into too many endeavors. Physical urges, both for recreation (competitive sports) and sex, should not be suppressed but expressed. Those born on this day must take time to demonstrate affection for those they love, and to engage in simple daily acts of kindness. Accepting affection is not a problem for June 4 people but accepting help can well be. Learning to both give and receive is an important and ongoing part of their development as human beings.

June 3 people have a need to communicate their ideas to others and usually accomplish this through speech. Yet their language, whether spoken or not, is highly original, sometimes so subtle or ironic that some find it difficult to grasp. On the other hand, when June 3 people get emotional, others may understand them only too well and can even resent their bluntness. Those born on this day would benefit from being at once more lucid and diplomatic in their approach. 

Not only may the content of June 3 speech be exceptional but the quantity as well. June 3 people can talk a blue streak when excited about a subject, and sometimes their interest continues long after that of their audience has flagged. But when their listeners are deeply involved, those born on this day have the energy to hold their attention. 

June 3 people generally do not allow much for compromise, and whether upholding the status quo or going against it, they are equally vociferous in defending or promulgating their viewpoints. June 3 people are thus easily drawn into debate and discussion, and are are often found boldly making their opinion known, even when unsolicited. Rarely, if ever, do those born on this day give way in an argument. 

June 3 people are mentally oriented and quick-witted, but are not above using physical presence to get their point across. Both men and women are usually seductive, however, rather than intimidating. A June 3 person can ask for his/her arguments to be considered on logical grounds, but in another mood may summarily give orders and leave it at that. Indeed they can be quite tyrannical when aroused on a sensitive issue. It is better to let them cool down than to oppose them when they are in such an emotional state. 

June 3 people can be any combination of witty, ironic or sarcastic. Particularly when annoyed, their words cut like a knife, and can devastate the feelings of those close to them. They may not realize the full extent of their powers in this area, and therefore need to stay more in tune with how their loved ones are reacting to them. 

The worst punishment for those born on this day is to be ignored. Silence and tuning out can be employed with great effectiveness against a June 3 person, but this weapon must be used sparingly. If merely seeking to get a rise out of them, one may get a more violent response than bargained for. Those born on June 3 do not take kindly to being slighted either and their reactions may be both extreme and lightning swift.

June 2 people are prone to experienced problems and difficulties abound. This is not as bad as it seems, however, for dealing with these obstacles is for them a way of life. As a matter of fact, when things are going too smoothly, June 2 people may search for or even create new problems to work on. Those born on this day often choose professions where they help others cope with difficulty. In this way, they can outwardly objectify personal problems that they have been dealing with all of their lives. 

Rarely will June 2 women marry a simple, uncomplicated person. Indeed, being married to a problematic personality provides endless challenges, but also interesting involvement. Unfortunately, those women who have such a relationship can also suffer deep emotional frustration coming to grips with the limitations of their partner and the denial of their own needs. 

The lives of June 2 people are rarely if ever dull. Indeed, constant variety is required to satisfy the complicated needs and urges of those born on this day, and thus new projects, new endeavors abound. Failure in no way dampens the enthusiasm of these hardy souls. In fact, June 2 people grow more steadfast with each passing day, learning to withstand almost anything, from personal setbacks to calamities of all sorts. Ultimately nothing is viewed as an overwhelming catastrophe in a life chock-full of small disasters—everything becomes relative, a matter of degree.

Unsurprisingly, the emotional life of June 2 people is rocky. Their feelings are very complex and difficult to characterize. Though as stated above, June 2 people handle crises with great aplomb, in their own lives lasting calm sometimes seems out of reach, as they go through periodic upheavals. Moreover, their impulses lead them not to security, comfort and happiness but to more precarious situations. 

Although they value freedom, it is actually commitment which attracts June 2 people. Again and again they essentially give up their personal freedom by tying themselves to someone else. They actually may be either contributing to the other person’s unhappiness or to their own, but as they see it everything is for the good. Rarely do June 2 people recognize the unusual nature of their relationships, nor are they particularly interested in fathoming their own “problems.” Yet through all of their difficulties, the excellent organizers born on this day do achieve a kind of stability in their lives and as they grow older it seems as if there is nothing that they cannot handle.

June 1 people can usually be found either in the public eye or observing the latest modes and trends of society. Either way they are taken up with seeing or being seen in a social context. Those born on this day may display an interest in history, but usually for how it sheds light on the present. Indeed they bring all their powers to bear on what is most up-to-date: dressing, talking, reading and studying the state of the art in various fields. 

This does not mean that June 1 people are overly social beings. They may appear extroverted, in rare cases exhibitionistic, but such an external attitude often masks a personality that is isolated and lonely. Therefore, it is difficult for anyone to really know these unusual people well, although many might think they do.  June 1 people are masters at hiding not only their feelings but their deeds as well. Few, indeed, are admitted to the inner sanctum of a June 1 person’s world. 

Both men and women born on this day are rarely without a mate basically because they hate to be alone. To avoid loneliness some June 1 people throw themselves into social activities and amass a whole bevy of friends and acquaintances. 

Rarely will June 1 people admit to ignorance. They pride themselves on knowing a good deal about a wide variety of subjects, although their specialized knowledge may not run that terribly deep. In the area that they are most obsessed with, however, they go to great lengths to amass an impressive body of information. The subject of this study need not be academic—it could range from sports figures to comic books, for example. June 1 people have a facility with languages and an aptitude for tasks requiring manual dexterity; those born on this day also know something of people and their needs and wants. This makes them excellent salespeople, for they have an eye that sizes up prospective clients in an instant. 

Since those born on this day have a feeling for the value of things, they also make excellent shoppers and in general are shrewd at handling money. However, because of their great appreciation for the products of others and an accompanying talent for imitation, they often have great difficulty realizing their creative potential. Trusting in their own individuality is essential to their development; without it, even a more imitative creativity begins to atrophy. June 1 people must find the courage, at some point in their lives, to dig deep within themselves; when they find out who they really are and what it is they want, they may have no choice but to pursue their dreams regardless of what society, parents or friends think.