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[W'Kabi brings Killmonger in front of T'Challa and the Elders]
T'Challa: [in Xhosa] Speak.

W'Kabi: [to Killmonger] Speak.

Erik Killmonger: I'm standing in your house, serving justice to a man who stole your vibranium and murdered your people. Justice your king couldn't deliver.
[T'Challa stands up and approaches Killmonger]

T'Challa: I don't care that you brought Klaue. Only reason I don't kill you where you stand is because I know who you are. Now what do you want?

Erik Killmonger: I want the throne. [Mining Tribe Elder laughs]

Mining Tribe Elder: [in Xhosa] My goodness. [the other Elders laugh]

Erik Killmonger: Y'all sittin' up here comfortable. Must feel good. It's about two billion people all over the world that looks like us. But their lives are a lot harder. Wakanda has the tools to liberate 'em all.

T'Challa: And what tools are those?

Erik Killmonger: Vibranium: Your weapons.

T'Challa: Our weapons will not be used to wage war on the world. It is not our way to be judge, jury, and executioner for people who are not our own.

Erik Killmonger: Not your own? But didn't life start right here on this continent? So ain't all people your people?

T'Challa: I am not king of all people. I am King of Wakanda. And it is my responsibility to make sure our people are safe and that vibranium does not fall into the hands of a person like you.

Erik Killmonger: Mmm...

Ramonda: Son, we have entertained this charlatan for too long. Reject his request.

Erik Killmonger: Oh, I ain't requesting nothing. Ask who I am.

Shuri: You're Erik Stevens. An American black operative. A mercenary nicknamed Killmonger. That's who you are.

Erik Killmonger: That's not my name, Princess. Ask me, King.”

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