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First and foremost: I'm not actually made of China, regardless of this bone China skin tone. While tenderness has its moments, so does raw, animal fucking. I'm not going to shatter, I promise you.

There are a lot of factors you probably wouldn't even think of that affect a woman's natural lubrication, so don't take it personal if we need some help once in a while, especially if we've been busy for some time!

When using your mouth on her lady bits, use your whole mouth. Flicking your tongue like a snake is all right, but alternate it with long slow licks from a flattened tongue and tiny kisses and light sucking and even light nibbling (though I'd recommend sticking with the labia for that on most women). And don't be afraid to get your fingers involved.

You know in porn movies when the guy jams his fingers in the girl and goes to town all hard and fast like he's scrubbing the decks? It's a good bet most of those women aren't squealing and trying to wriggle away because it's so intensely pleasurable. Please, for the love of all that is good, don't take your cues from the average porn movies. The best way I've found for that is to run your fingers down over the clit, then inside, then back. Stimulating both areas is always going to lead to a positive reaction.

My ex could make me beg...and I mean sincerely beg. Starting with a light hand spanking, just enough to get the juices flowing, then the stroking that I described above, followed by a bit of tongue action until I was writhing. Then he'd kneel so he was right up against me, lubing his dick with my juices and sliding it between the lips in long slow strokes until I was pleading for him to give it to me. One hard thrust later, I was usually already having my first orgasm, which was almost always followed by a couple more before he had his own.

Don't limit yourself to just your dick! I can't even count the number of times gals I know have complained that their men seem to go dead from the waist up when they're on top. Kiss, bite, lick, talk. I will do the same.