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May 27 people are two types, those who devote themselves to a cause or social structure, and those who are dedicated to their own personal growth and development. In either case, those born on this day throw themselves headlong into this work and usually specialize in a chosen field or endeavour. 

Those born on this day may devote their whole life to working for their family or social group, or to developing their personal talents, but rarely to both — this is a strictly reflective situation. Those who are taken up with themselves lack the social connection, and those devoted to working with others often bury their personal talents. However, in either case, heir effort are imbued with enthusiasm and passion. 

May 27 people often have a wild and wacky view of the world. Indeed, their zany sense of humour can cause consternation, as they are not averse to sharing their thoughts whenever moved to do so.

So dedicated are May 27 people to what they do, that they can persevere for years with or without recognition, and thus stand a good chance of succeeding. On the other hand, they can be blind to their shortcomings and often act as if they don’t care. 

Typically those born on this day achieve their greatest success away from their birth place, and may feel the need to travel to other localities, where they become “adopted” citizens. Living away from home presents some difficulties, but surmounting obstacles, innovating and overcoming challenges in a new situation are May 27 specialties.