[as Ben studies, visions of his friends and family appear before him]
Vito Paducci: Ben, what are you doing sitting up studying? You've got the answer sheet in your pocket. Doesn't that bed look mighty comfortable?

Ben Seaver: [scoffs] I can't cheat, Vito, they're onto me!

Vito Paducci: You're not thinking. You don't have to get them all right; just make sure you get a couple wrong.

Ben Seaver: Well, how do I do that?

Vito Paducci: Just be yourself.

Mike Seaver: They're witches, Ben, they're witches!

Maggie Malone Seaver: [evilly] Ben, you bring home another D in Science, you'll see a side of me you have never seen before!

Carol Seaver: [shown in a kangaroo suit] Ben, if I hadn't mentioned it before, let me mention it now: you're a real disappointment to me and the other marsupials.

Vito Paducci: [more visions freak out Ben] Come on, Ben, cheat!

Stinky Sullivan: Yeah, Ben, cheat!

Dr. Jason Seaver: Of course it's not okay to cheat!

Vito Paducci: Hey, who will know?

Mike Seaver: They are witches, Ben!

Stinky Sullivan: What else can we do?

Carol Seaver: [a realistic kangaroo is shown] Marsupial! Marsupial!

Maggie Malone Seaver: [in the style of the Wicked Witch of the West] ... and your little dog, too! AH, HA, HA, HA, HA!”

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