Dr. Lee: You lied in your application, you lied at the audition where you play the required piece, and you lied to me.

Devon: I didn’t think it was that big a deal.

Dr. Lee: [hands some sheet music to Devon] Play that.

[sits down]

Dr. Lee: That’s the music for next week’s game and you can’t read it. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s a very big deal.

[compiles some paper and puts it back in his drawer]

Dr. Lee: I’m enrolling you in an applied percussion course.

Devon: But that gives me five classes!

Dr. Lee: Damn right it gives you five classes, it oughta be ten. Especially if you plan on getting back on the line anytime soon.

Devon: What do you mean, ‘get back on the line’?

Dr. Lee: I mean now, you’re a P4. If you cannot read music, you cannot be on my field.

Devon: But you can’t take me off the line; I’m the best drummer you’ve got! And can’t no class teach me how to do me?

Dr. Lee: Excuse me?

Devon: Doing me is what got me down here in the first place.

Dr. Lee: No, lying...is what got you down here. And if you don’t have the honor and discipline to learn your craft, then quite frankly Devon, you don’t deserve to be here.”

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