Peter Bishop: Let me ask you something. My father — not my favorite — he is without a doubt the most self-absorbed, twisted, abusive, brilliant, myopic son of a bitch on the planet. So, he was a chemist. That much I already know. He worked out of a basement lab in Harvard, doing research for a toothpaste company. I also know that there was an accident at the lab one night, that my father was arrested, beginning the first truly peaceful period in our home. But here's the thing, Olivia: my gut tells me that your friend's life, the one hanging in the balance, not gonna be saved by a tube of toothpaste.

Agent Olivia Dunham: He worked out of Harvard, but not on toothpaste. He was part of a classified U.S. Army experimental program called "Kelvin Genetics". They gave him the resources to do whatever work he wanted, which was primarily in an area called 'fringe science.'

Peter Bishop: When you say 'fringe science,' you mean 'pseudoscience.'

Agent Olivia Dunham: Things like mind control, teleportation, astral projection, invisibility, genetic mutation, reanimation, fertility...

Peter Bishop: Woah. Excuse me for a sec. Reanimation? Really? So you're telling me, what, my father was Dr. Frankenstein?”

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