Columbus: [Columbus and Wichita are drinking wine] 1997. Was that a good year?

Wichita: Yeah! 1997 was a great year! I saw my first R-rated movie...Anaconda. Got my first tattoo, a porpoise. Fake. Had my first kiss...Scotty Lynch.

Columbus: Did you guys...[gestures with fingers]...use tongue?

Wichita: [laughs] Maybe. Why, are you jealous of Scotty Lynch?

Columbus: Yes. Actually, I think I’m jealous of your whole 1997. Let me see...I think...1997 I had my first orthodontist appointment...bastard gave me headgear...I got my first B...[Wichita laughs]...almost as scary as Anaconda...went to my first dance. Sadie Hawkins, so it was ladies’ choice...[pauses]

Wichita: And nobody picked you?

Columbus: Well, it was ladies’ choice.

Wichita: [pauses in disbelief] ...No! Those bitches! No, I will not stand for this. [stands, offers Columbus her hand] On behalf of all the eighth-grade girls, I would like to dance with you. [Columbus looks at her, takes another swig of wine] Don’t worry. Scotty’s old news.”

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