“People are as varied in libido as they are in shape, size, and color. Some are legitimately addicted to sex while others identify as asexual and the rest fall somewhere in between. I’m guessing you wouldn’t recommend that a sex addict search for love in a nunnery, so why settle down with someone miles away from wherever you stand on the libido spectrum? The trap of mismatched sex drives is that one person is likely to end up feeling sexually deprived (or hyper-sexualized) and resentful. So be honest from the outset, no matter how tempting it is to make false claims designed to please. It’s counterproductive to exaggerate or understate how often you ‘want it’ or how often you masturbate. Sexual health and mental health are linked, so it’s worth paying serious attention to compatibility in the sack as you assess whether or not to move forward together.”

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