“The defining characteristic of America is our fanaticism: We dream big, we think large, we create grandeur. We invented Hollywood, rock ’n’ roll, blue jeans, the Gold Rush, cable TV with thousands of channels, a military that is larger than those of the next ten combined, the shopping mall, and a store that sells nothing but socks. We invented Elvis Presley and teen idols, we invented the phonograph and the movie camera, we invented Disneyland and the roller coaster, baseball and apple pie. We invented the Internet—oh, yes we did—and the anonymous comment. We didn't invent the wheel, but we did come up with the Model T; we didn't invent the wing, but we did give the world the airplane and the miracle of flight. We didn’t invent the computer, but we did invent the PC and everything that everyone can do at home; we didn’t invent the telephone, but we did invent the iPhone and everything that everyone can do in the palm of his hand. We invented Thomas Edison and Henry Ford and Steve Jobs: so there. We invented personality: so there, motherfucker.”

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