“I actually think SCREW is less vulnerable simply because we exploit men and women equally. But I also feel that the feminist movement is full of shit. It is supposed to be this classless group of women, but in reality it's elitist. It's supposed to be protecting secretaries and barhops, but there are no secretaries, no housewives in most feminist groups. Instead, the groups consist of people who earn their living by writing. The more they disseminate feminism, the more they get for the sale of their articles.

Frankly, I think these women are exploiting the movement. Also, I refuse to be made the ‘heavy’ for the women's movement. I’m as exploited by conditioning as women are, and yet I'm blamed for being unfair to women. That's as stupid as blaming me for the sins of slavery. I never owned a black, and as long as I haven’t owned a black and no one can show by my own actions that I am mean to blacks, I refuse to feel guilty. The feminist movement tries to blackmail men. In fact, one of the first editors of SCREW was a woman, who's now working for Penthouse.”


Interview with Larry Flynt

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