“And as a consumer of pornography, I was amazed how hard it was to obtain and how hypocritical we were, whether it was a Playboy—they would use words like 'cunnilingus' and 'fellatio.' The Reader's Digest only pushed marriage. Oral sex was only a foreplay. Masturbation was a sin. Again, I paid for sex all the time and have never stopped. In all my marriages, I paid for sex. No one gives me money, or no one has ever bought me dinner. So I am the classic john, and SCREW is a representative, or a reflection, of my personality and the reality of sex—that guys don't say, 'Uh, God, she reads Spinoza.' They say, 'Boy, she sucked my cock, and it was wonderful. I ate her pussy. I brought her off four times.' So SCREW is an extension of the dishonesty I saw in 1968. It was like the emperor was naked and no one admitted it. SCREW not only admitted it, but glorified it.”


“10-Minute SCREW” (Interview in Jim Goad’s ANSWER Me! magazine #2, 1992.)

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