“It was at the tail end of the relationship with my ex, he really wanted to have sex and I just couldn't think about anything but breaking up with him. He threw a hissy fit (pouted, wouldn't let me touch him at all, took the blankets, made shitty comments) so I eventually relented. I figured it would be the last time I would have the chance to have sex in a while.

He usually took forever to orgasm and always played it off as, 'I want you to cum first.' I usually did but he would take so long I would be falling asleep before he got the chance (think 2 hours).

So we start to have sex, it's going alright, I orgasm quickly (per the norm) and my vagina just shuts. He said it felt like it was pushing him out and when he tried to put it back in it hurt. I've never had anything like that happen before and we had to stop. It was pretty obvious my body was just not having it.”

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