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Edmund Kemper Quotes

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“I was paroled to my mother, OK? What these experts don’t notice in the picture—i haven’t seen it in writing anywhere, it could be somewhere, um, that when I was fourteen years old I ran away from my mother. They mention that, OK. But if you look at that in the overall picture, why did I run away? I wanted to be with my father. That’s a very topical approach to it. I wanted to get away from my mother because I was dreaming, thinking, fantasizing murder. All day long. I couldn’t get it out of my head. She and I—I couldn’t battle with her, because I was very intimidated by her. She’s six feet tall, she weighs two and a quarter—225 pounds, she’s not a fat woman, she’s just this great big woman who I was terrified of. She had, uh, verbal capabilities you wouldn’t believe. I used to watch her field-strip grown men in emotional little contests. And when they’d get to the point where they wanted to smack her, then she’d start attacking them on beating women. ‘Oh, slap the woman around!,’ you know. And she’d toy with them on that and I’d watch these guys dance around the room having fits, knocking out windows, punch a hole in the door and then stomp off. And she could control people like that. I’m sitting there watching that in awe from one point of view and in terror from the other. I grew up with this stuff….I’m not trying to put on her what happened to the girls or to her. But I’m saying there was a lot of psychological involvement there.”
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