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“ Hello, bitch. I’m sure you’re wondering why you’ve been kidnapped and what’s going to happen to you. That’s why this tape has been made. It saves a lot of talking. It’s brief, blunt, and to the point.

I’m a dungeon master for a local chapter of the Church of Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil to you. You have been abducted so that your body can be used during rituals, and for sexual purposes for the congregation after the meetings. Our membership is pretty small, about twenty people, mixed male and female. Our meetings are pretty much what most people imagine—the way it is depicted in the movies.

A hidden church, black robes, pentagrams, rituals, chanting, a lot of nakedness, animal sacrifices, chicken blood, and a hell of a lot of sex afterward! The meetings get interesting and exciting, to say the least. Trying to raise the demons is important, but it is the sex that keeps the church financially afloat. The high priest likes to keep everybody fired up on sex, and for that, we like fresh meat. Every couple of months we kidnap some good-looking little bitch to use during the rituals and to be kept available for everyone to use during the orgy.

Let me tell you what happens at the meetings. The orgy room is separate from the main church. It contains several couches, many mats on the floor, and a refreshment center. In the middle of the room is a large wooden table with leather straps on it. Prior to each meeting, you’ll be taken to the church in a wooden box, naked, in chains and with your eyes taped shut so you can’t identify anybody.

Once there, you will be strapped down on top of the table. Your arms will be chained straight out to each side and leather straps will be buckled across your upper chest, your rib cage and your belly—so you can’t move. Your legs will be spread extremely wide apart because some of our members have diversified interests in, ah…which hole they want to use. There is a U-shaped cutout at the top of the table and it allows your head to drop right down into. it. Another leather strap will be put across your forehead so you can’t move, allowing your mouth and throat to be available for sex.

Dental jaw blocks will be installed in your mouth so that you can’t bite anybody during oral sex. When your mouth is wide open, members will just shove their dicks down your throat and hump your face until they cum. After the meeting is over in the church, everyone will move into the orgy room, take their robes off [laughs]. Now everybody is fucking naked! And they’ll surround the table. You’re definitely going to be the center of attention, especially at the first meeting when you’re the new girl.

Everybody is going to want to feel you up and try you out. Anyway, the high priest will move to the bottom of the table with a large wooden box that contains the dildo—what we call the Devil’s dick. The tip is small, so it’ll start in the vagina easy but the thing is tapered. It widens enormously at the base to about three inches this, and the whole thing is pretty close to twelve inches long. It’s a real pussy-stretcher.

Once it starts to go in, the high priest will chant:

The Devil fucks!
The Devil fucks!
The Devil fucks!

A half a dozen people will help hold your body still while the high priest forces the dick up all the way inside you There will be a sudden blast of pain between your legs and it’s not unusual at all for a girl to pass out while this is being done.

Next the high priest will rape you. After he gets through, your body will be available for everybody’s use. They’ll take turns using you in various ways, and during the course of the evening, most of them will come back for seconds and thirds. You’ll probably be raped forty to fifty times.

The next morning, after everybody goes home, I’ll take you back up to the dungeon, wash the sperm out of your body, and clean you up. I’ll get you a bath and let your build your strength up so we can do it all over again [laughs]. You’re gonna be used for three or four meetings. By then, a captive is pretty well worn out and everybody’s tired of fucking with her. Remember, your body is property of the Church of Satan. The church is going to have you one night every two weeks and I’ve got you the rest of the time. Now, the dungeon belongs to the church, and it’s very well equipped. They spent a ton of money buying all sorts of specialized equipment about anything I asked for. They even gave me medical supplies to patch up girls in case the high priest tears some slut’s pussy with a bit dildo, and that doesn’t happen too often. One of my duties is to pre-stretch a girl’s vagina so the dildo won’t tear it. There have been a few occasions when we’ve kidnapped a birch and had to take her to a meeting that same evening. Usually when that happens, the Devil’s dick tears the fuck out of her vagina. Then I have to patch her up afterward.

A few years ago, there was a certain period of time that we didn’t do that. During that time there were instances where the fellows caused so much vaginal damage that the girl hemorrhaged and sometimes didn’t survive. And it caused problems within the congregation. Nobody likes watching a girl bleed to death. Well, now you know what this is all about. You’re not exactly a sacrificial virgin. I don’t imagine you’re a virgin anyway. During the years that I’ve bene dungeon mater, for variety we sometimes snatch some pretty young girls…thirteen, fourteen years old, and even with that, we’ve only had two virgins.

Well, so much for that, but know now how you’re going to serve the church. Now let’s talk about how you’re going to serve me.

It is within my power to make your stay in the dungeon reasonably easy or a living hell. There are going to be some rules, and whether you like them or not, you will learn to obey them. You’re going to find that I don’t have any patience at all with pretty little girls that forget and make mistakes.

Crying is acceptable, so long as you’re not too loud about it. Most of the time I expect you to keep your mouth shut. You need to tell me, however, when you have to use the restroom, because if you make a mess, whether it be a piss or a crap, you’re going to be forced to lick it up.

Don’t bite. There are no second chances. If you bite, I cut.

As far as kicking goes, I really don’t have a set punishment for that. If you should hurt me with your feet, the punishment will be whatever I decide. That’s not fair, but that’s life.

When the church is done with you, the high priest will advise me when you are to be released and I will initiate a process that will take about two days. You’re going to be injected with a combination of drugs and then brainwashed until you don’t remember the church, me, this place, or any fucking thing that’s happened to you. After the hypnosis has taken effect, you’ll be taken near some town and turned loose.

Everything will heal in up to two or three weeks. It will probably take just a little longer for your vagina to shrink back to normal size, but, ah [laughs]…that, too will come to pass.

Now this is the beginning of a very trying ordeal for you. This experience is going to be very traumatic. The nights when you are taken to the church are going to be the worst by far. Each time you are going to experience about ten hours of pure hell.

Satan is a harsh taskmaster.”
“ You’ll also be whipped, about twenty lashes during each session. The whip has to be used hard enough to leave some good welts for the camera. I don’t want to get you all bloody, so the whip strokes will be concentrated on your thighs, your butt, sex organs, belly, and tits. Even if you’re gagged, the microphones will pick up the sounds. The whip is a great tool for effect.

It never ceases to amaze me how barbaric some people can be. Our customers want to see you getting hurt. We use some gigantic dildos. To create some special effects, we pull the skin around your vagina back and then thrust in a dildo four to six inches wide at the base. On the viewing screen it looks pretty terrible. It looks like we’re tearing you apart, and that’s what we want the viewer to think. Our customers think that’s exactly what we do to a girl when we make these movies. But that’s not the way it works at all.

You may be tempted to strike out, kick, bite, try to scratch me. I wouldn’t do that if I were you….

Just be careful what you do with your hands and feet. If you piss me off, things are gonna get a hell of a lot rougher. A woman scratched me in the face one time and I cut her clit off….

Anyhow, what I was about to tell you a while ago was that there is absolutely no way in hell that you’re going to be turned loose until I’m done with you. Hell, I even picked up one little ol’ bitch, seventeen or eighteen, that told me she had a two-week-old baby at home. And I didn’t doubt it for a minute. Her pubic hair was just starting to grow back where it had been shaved off. Her pussy lips were still swollen and puffy, but the really novel thing was her tits. After I had her for a few hours, her nipples started to leak milk constantly. Made a hell of a mess. Even with all her excuses, I still didn’t turn her loose, and I’m sure as hell not going to turn you loose….”
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