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Quotes tagged “trapped”

“Neil Perry: 'I just talked to my father. He's making me quit the play at Henley Hall. Acting's everything to me. I- But he doesn't know! He- I can see his point; we're not a rich family, like Charlie's. We- But he's planning the rest of my life for me, and I- He's never asked me what I want!'

John Keating: 'Have you ever told your father what you just told me? About your passion for acting? You ever showed him that?'

Neil Perry: 'I can't.'

John Keating: 'Why not?'

Neil Perry: 'I can't talk to him this way.'

John Keating: 'Then you're acting for him, too. You're playing the part of the dutiful son. Now, I know this sounds impossible, but you have to talk to him. You have to show him who you are, what your heart is!'

Neil Perry: 'I know what he'll say! He'll tell me that acting's a whim and I should forget it. They're counting on me; he'll just tell me to put it out of my mind for my own good.'

John Keating: 'You are not an indentured servant! It's not a whim for you, you prove it to him by your conviction and your passion! You show that to him, and if he still doesn't believe you - well, by then, you'll be out of school and can do anything you want.'

Neil Perry: 'No. What about the play? The show's tomorrow night!'

John Keating: 'Then you have to talk to him before tomorrow night.'

Neil Perry: 'Isn't there an easier way?'

John Keating: 'No.'

Neil Perry [laughs]: 'I'm trapped!'

John Keating: 'No you're not.'”

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