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Genres:Drama, Thriller, History
User Score (votes):11.199 / 10 (4092)

Costume Supervisor:  Robyn Rosenberg, Kathleen Meade, Virginia Johnson

Directed By:  Tom McCarthy

Writers:  Tom McCarthy, Josh Singer

Director Of Photography:  Masanobu Takayanagi

Editor:  Tom McArdle

Original Music Composer:  Howard Shore

Costume Design:  Wendy Chuck

Production Design:  Stephen H. Carter

Executive Producer:  Jeff Skoll, Jonathan King, Pierre Omidyar, Michael Bederman, Bard Dorros, Josh Singer, Tom Ortenberg, Peter Lawson, Xavier Marchand

Produced By:  Michael Sugar, Steve Golin, Nicole Rocklin, Blye Pagon Faust

Co Producer:  Kate Churchill, Youtchi von Lintel

Associate Producer:  David Mizner

Casting:  Kerry Barden, John Buchan, Jason Knight, Paul Schnee

Casting Associate:  Matt Bouldry, Joey Montenarello, Adam Richards, Maura Smith

Assistant Costume Designer:  Renee Fontana

Set Costumer:  Taryn Walsh

Script Supervisor:  Dug Rotstein, Jenna Dayton

Camera Operator:  Henry Tirl

First Assistant Camera:  Greg Wimer, Patrick Stepien, Joseph Micomonaco

Steadicam Operator:  Gilles Corbeil

Still Photographer:  Kerry Hayes, Seacia Pavao

Gaffer:  Morris Flam, Tom Starnes

Rigging Gaffer:  Jason Dodds, James R. Mitchell

Rigging Grip:  Daryl Richardson

Cg Supervisor:  Ahmed Shehata

Visual Effects Editor:  Brandon Terry, Mike Barber

Visual Effects Coordinator:  Kayla Cabral, Edward Hanrahan

Visual Effects Producer:  Neishaw Ali, Christa Tazzeo

Visual Effects Supervisor:  Colin Davies, Mike Duffy

Music Editor:  Chad Birmingham, Jennifer Dunnington

Music Supervisor:  Mary Ramos

Foley:  Marko A. Costanzo, Frank Kern

Sound Designer:  Paul Hsu

Art Department Coordinator:  Dusty Reeves

Art Direction:  Michaela Cheyne

Set Decoration:  Vanessa Knoll, Shane Vieau

Hair Department Head:  Karola Dirnberger

Hairstylist:  Kelly Shanks

Key Hair Stylist:  Cathy Shibley, Brenda McNally

Makeup Department Head:  Jordan Samuel

Makeup Artist:  Niki Pleau, Patricia Keighran, Mario Cacioppo

Digital Intermediate:  Philippe Majdalani

First Assistant Director:  Walter Gasparovic

Set Designer:  William Cheng, John MacNeil

Property Master:  Christopher Geggie

Set Dresser:  Karl Denniston Brown, Nathan Alexander Kirk, Don McQueen, Jeff Poulis, Toni Wong

Sound Effects Editor:  Heather Gross

Adr Editor:  Marissa Littlefield

Stunt Coordinator:  Bobby Beckles, Jeffrey Lee Gibson, Branko Racki

Production Coordinator:  Elspeth Cassar

Dialect Coach:  Stephen Gabis, Jessica Drake

First Assistant Editor:  Andrew Pang

Dialogue Editor:  Branka Mrkic

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Total quotes (30)

Marty Baron: Did everyone read Eileen McNamara's column this weekend?

Boston Globe Worker: That's the Geoghan case?

Marty Baron: Yeah, what's the follow on that?

Ben Bradlee Jr.: It—it's a column, what kind of follow are you thinking?

Marty Baron: Uh... well apparently this priest molested kids in six different parishes over the last 30 years and the attorney for the victims, a Mr...

Eileen McNamara: Garabedian.

Marty Baron: Thanks Eileen, Mr Garabedian says Cardinal Law found out about it 15 years ago and did nothing.

Paul Burke: Yeah, I think that attorney is a bit of a crank, and The Church dismissed the claim.

Eileen McNamara: He-said she-said.

Marty Baron: Whether Mr Garabedian is a 'crank' or not, he says he has documents that prove that Cardinal knew.

Ben Bradlee Jr.: As I understand that those documents are under seal.

Marty Baron: Okay, but the fact remains a Boston priest abused 80 kids, we have a lawyer who says he can prove Law knew about it and we've written all of... uh... 2 stories in the last 6 months. This strikes me as an essential story to a local paper, I think the very least we have to go through those documents.

Paul Burke: How would you like to do that?

Marty Baron: Oh uh, I don't know what the laws are here, but in Florida we would go to court.

Ben Bradlee Jr.: You wanna sue the Church?

Marty Baron: Technically we wouldn't sue the Church, we'd file a motion to lift the seal on the documents.

Ben Bradlee Jr.: The Church will read that as us suing them. So will everybody else.

Marty Baron: Good to know.

Mitchell Garabedian: Three years ago I get a call from an ex-priest, Anthony Benzovich. He was at Blessed Sacrament back in '62, and he saw Geoghan... [waits for two cops to pass by, then continues] ... taking little boys up to the rectory bedroom. So he's appalled, all right? And tells the bishop about it. The bishop threatens to re-assign him... to South America.

Mike Rezendes: Jesus.

Mike Rezendes: Yeah. So, fast forward thirty-five years. Benzovich reads that Geoghan has been charged with molesting hundreds of kids. So, he feels guilty. He calls me. So, you have testimony of a priest telling his superiors about Geoghan in '62?

Mitchell Garabedian: [shakes his head] No, I do not. Because when I call Benzovich in to give a disposition, he comes in with a lawyer.

Mike Rezendes: Wilson Rogers!

Mitchell Garabedian: Right. And suddenly, Father Benzovich has a very foggy memory. Can't remember anything. He's useless. So, I go back to work, I forget about it, whatever. Until about a year ago, I find an article about a priest who warned church officials about Geoghan.

Mike Rezendes: Benzovich went to the press?

Mitchell Garabedian: Yeah. Local paper, Patriot-Ledger. Nobody saw it. But now I got Benzovich on record. So, I file a motion to depose Benzovich a second time. And Wilson Rogers, that smug son of a bitch, files a motion opposing my motion. And that's when I have him.

Mike Rezendes: Have him how?

Mitchell Garabedian: Rogers opposes my motion, so I have to make an argument as to why I'm allowed to depose Father Benzovich a second time. OK? But this time, I'm allowed to attach exhibits. You follow what I'm saying?

Mike Rezendes: The sealed documents?

Mitchell Garabedian: Yes! I can attach the sealed documents that I've gotten in discovery, Mr. Rezendes, the same documents your paper is currently suing for.

Mike Rezendes: You're shitting me!

Mitchell Garabedian: What? No, no, I'm not shitting you! So, I pull out the fourteen most damning docs, and I attach them to my motion. And they prove everything. Everything! About the church, about the bishops, about Law...

Mike Rezendes: And it's all public! Because your motion to oppose Rogers' motion...

Mitchell Garabedian: public, yeah. Exactly. Now you're paying attention.

Mike Rezendes: So, I can just walk into that courtroom right now and get those documents?

Mitchell Garabedian: No, you cannot. Because the documents are not there.

Mike Rezendes: But you just said they're public.

Mitchell Garabedian: I know I did. But this is Boston. And the church does not want them to be found. So, they are not there.