“In middle school my friend was in a church youth group and they often had these overnights at the church that he would invite me to and they were actually tons of fun. Towards the end of the night the guy who ran it (he was chill af the lord was with that guy) would let us play manhunt in the entire church area (place where actual mass was held, kitchen, rec hall, nursery, etc). We turned literally every light in the whole place and all we had were tiny flashlights. It was spooky but sooooo much fun.

One of these nights we were playing and we decided to hide in a closet in the nursery. We hid there for about 10 minutes and out of nowhere we heard a baby crying. We got spooked the fuck out and bolted out of there. In the morning we went back to the nursery to see what could have caused it, we figured it was one of those toy baby dolls that would cry but we found nothing. Still spooks me to this day but I would give anything to relive it because I love paranormal shit.”

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