“It is quite common to experience depression during the holidays. to spend several days without ever leaving your room. to think of those who are no longer with us. to remind ourselves of the things we do not have. the gifts we cannot afford. i am currently thinking of the loss of my stepfather. of the five days i spent in my bedroom. of how i once celebrated christmas in a hospital gown. my depression is loud. it is boastful in its preaching. often minimizing my worth. often erasing my accomplishments. the loudest of the untruth convinces me that i am alone. the loudest lie will always make you aware of your loneliness. friends, i tell you now, how false the dance of fear is. friends, i call the fight in you forth. you are not alone. as i type this, i am fighting. sometimes the fight is leaving your bed. sometimes the fight is telling yourself how extraordinary you are. sometimes the fight is telling someone how you are feeling. if that means hot chocolate dates or missy elliot on repeat or ‘i got you’ pouring into your inbox. know that it is available. for every season.”

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