[Opening Narration] Remember the Tates? Jessica and her husband Chester? Chester's the guy who fools around with everyone but his wife. And poor Jessica, because Chester's been so busy, has taken up with Peter the tennis pro, who in turn has been busy with Jessica's daughter Corrine. Of course, Jessica doesn't know Peter's been busy with Corrine and Chester's been busy with everyone. Jessica just wishes she had gone shopping instead. Remember the DoD Police? Mid-Shift Meanie Michelle has a problems. Being paid to work is not agreeable with her Tae-Bo schedule. Playing too much is another problem Michelle has.. Someone ordered her a knuckle sandwich and that delivery is imminent is the word on the street . Jodie and Burt have a problem, they don't get along either. Michelle and Brandon have a problem, Brandon can't make love to Michelle and she doesn't know why. Geoff has the biggest problem of all, he knows why.

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