Sean: Dr. Lee...Dr. Lee, just wanted to catch you before rehearsals. I was thinking that instead of promoting a P2 to replace Devon, we could just keep the snare line at nine.

Dr. Lee: And how long have you been thinking that?

Sean: Just this morning.

Dr. Lee: Are you sure? [Sean nods his head yes] I thought maybe it was the day you showed us all he couldn’t read, or was it the night that he took your solo, I don’t know. But since you heard him play, you decided that the line or perhaps maybe, just you, would be better off without him. Remember when I first made you section leader?

[Sean nods his head yes]

Dr. Lee: You were sweating bullets wondering how you could lead this loud, passionate group of your peers. And I said you would be fine. You know why?

Sean: You said I loved the sound of the line more than the sound of my own drum.

Dr. Lee: Yes. And you lost sight of that. And that’s okay ‘cause we all lose sight of things. But if you don’t get it together, Mr. Taylor, you’re gonna have a difficult time leading the Senate whether Devon is on it or not.”

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