Dr. Lee: What was that? Why do we rehearse? Why...do we rehearse? You’re out there showboating for five minutes. If I wasn’t able to signal a drum major to back you up, you’d still be out there beating your damn drum!

Sean: Dr. Lee, sir, maybe there’s an explanation. Devon...

Dr. Lee: Do I look like I need you to explain anything right now?

Sean: No, sir.

Dr. Lee: I don’t know what the beef is, but you better grill it up and eat it. Because it is my ass that is on the line.

President Wagner: Now, that is a new beginning. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

[shakes Devon’s hand]

President Wagner: Great job, son. You are something. You are something special.

Devon: Thank you, sir.

President Wagner: Great job, all of you. Now let’s see Morris Brown top that!

[band cheers]

President Wagner: Some alumni wanna speak with you. There they are. Don’t keep them waiting. New beginning! NEW BEGINNING!

Dr. Lee: Sean, I want you to polish the drums tonight. And I’d better be able to see myself in the surface.

Sean: Yes, sir.

Devon: I left the polisher on the bottom shelf.”
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