“In the people of God, these manifestations and visions are more common during the Sema, when they have passed beyond their usual universe of existence. Sema carries them out of other universes to the Truth. It is true that there is a kind of Sema that is forbidden; but it is blasphemy to say that the Sema performed by God’s people is a sin. That hand which moves without the Divine exuberance will burn in hell for sure, and the hands that rise in Sema will reach paradise — for sure. And there is a Sema that is permissible but not obligatory. This is the Sema of those Sufis and ascetics who live in a state of fasting. It brings tears and softness of heart to them. There is no doubt that they will also enter Paradise. And another Sema is religiously a must. This is the Sema of the attained ones who have reached the holy state of mind. And another is a duty applicable to all, as the daily prayers and the fast of Ramadan. Just as food and water are necessary in the time of hunger and thirst, this Sema is necessary for the spiritually mature, because it increases their joy of life. If one of the mature ones begins to whirl in the East, another one starts moving in the West. They are aware of each other’s state.”

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