I sit down and I close my eyes and I'm alive, really alive. Maybe more alive then I've been in a long time. More alive than I was before there was death in my life. It's a good feeling; knowing that death killed a part of me but brought life to another. There is a balance to it all and today I didn't quite nail it but it's not so much that I need to slow down or rest or sleep or eat, it's that I need to channel the vibration and feel it and own it and hone it in and center it around my heart. So I do. All this energy gathers at my chest and I feel it all and it's so fucking powerful everything goes silent. I hear nothing. Not the waves, not the dogs, not my busy mind. Just the beating of my heart and the stillness that arrives at the end of working hard and breathing deep.
It's drinking in the air that is a golden sunset. It's love.
It's life.