“Engle says that ‘anal sex, though often stigmatized, is a perfectly natural way to engage in sexual activity,’ but fails to acknowledge that it is mainly men who engage or wish to engage in anal sex. While she claims an interest in anatomy, Engle either doesn’t understand or (more likely) doesn’t want to get in trouble with the sex positive/queer brigade by pointing out the obvious: men’s bodies are better equipped to enjoy anal sex. This is because, 1) Men have penises that they seem to enjoy sticking in various places, and 2) Men have prostates, which are conducive to butt orgasms. Women, on the other hand, don’t have sexual organs they can stick inside other people, thereby providing said women with orgasms, nor do they have any glands or sex organs inside their rectum that trigger sexual release. Yes, some women claim to enjoy anal sex, which is fine, if true, but failing to discuss these basics in an article presenting itself as sex positive, body positive, and educational, is incredibly weird.”
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