Stan: Man, recess sucks without any slides or nothing.

Cartman: [Damien approaches] Oh, here comes the unholy butthole now. Hey! Thanks a lot for burning everything down, you little bitch!

Damien: I a-pologize for ruining your playground and turning your friend into a duck-billed platypus. I was doing my father's bidding. I didn't have a choice.

[Cartman farts beside him.]

Cartman: Oh! Excuse me, new kid. I didn't mean to fart on you, I didn't have a choice.

[Damien looks angry enough to burst a blood vessel, but he does nothing]

Stan: Phew! You stink, new kid. You smell like a fart.

Kyle: Yeah, we're gonna call you fart-boy from now on.

[Damien walks away from them]

Stan: Bye bye, fart-boy!

Kyle: See you!

Pip: Good day, how are you, Damien?

Damien: Those guys farted on me, and then called me...

Pip: Fart-boy? Oh, good! Perhaps they won't call me that anymore.”

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