Part of the idea of BuzzFeed from the beginning was can we get to the point where the platform is more valuable than the expertise? If you actually have an idea or an insight into how things are shared or why they’re shared or what works, can you build that into either the technology platform or the data science or the culture of a team of people? Or build an audience that reads the site and engages with the site in a certain way that it gives you an advantage to be able to launch something that will take off? If you can do that, that’s like much better than being a consulting team where you drone on about, “This is why something goes viral, that’s why something goes viral.” A lot of the focus that we’ve had is to figure out do we really know something, and then how do we build that into a platform and how do we build that into a process? If someone said to me, “Help me market a movie, or help me market a new product, but just do it as a consultant,” I would do a much worse job and there would not be as much that I could do as if I said, “Let’s do a partnership with BuzzFeed.”