“Facebook is calling this the ‘friends and family update.’ But the update, in my opinion, has nothing to do with friends and family. The update has to do with greed.

From what I’ve noticed, you’re still seeing the same amount of content from friends and family in your newsfeed that you saw before the algorithm change. The one drastic change that’s different is you’re seeing less of the organic content. Facebook pushed out the ability for publishers to reach a lot of people organically; a lot of them are losing 80–90 percent of their organic traffic. You’re now seeing more paid content. The quality of user experience has gone down. It’s become like the mafia in a sense in that, if you want to communicate with the people that you’re supposed to have a connection with, you have to pay Facebook for that communication. The media and ad tech world is becoming ‘pay for play,’ and the fact that a publisher cannot get their message out to someone they expect to get it out to because some algorithm decided that they weren’t worthy to hear it is a big problem.”

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