Roman: There's no mystery here, Chet. I know how you really feel about me.

Chet: Do you?

Roman: Yeah, and I knew that if I was ever to give you something, you figure there'd be strings attached.

Chet: Is that a fact?

Roman: Yeah, that's a fact. At our wedding, you were in the john, Kate and Connie's dad. You were talking. Do you happen to remember the substance of that conversation?

Chet: No I don't.

Roman: Well, I do, and it's one I'll never forget. I heard you say—and I quote—‘that Roman Craig is a crooked son of a bitch’. Next time you stab somebody in the back, Chester, you better check under the stalls for feet. You may think I'm made out of armor and nails, man, but when I get cut, it hurts. That cut me, and I hurt.

Chet: Roman, I'm really sorry. I had a lot to drink that night. I really don't remember saying that, but if you said I did, then I must have. I apologize to you both. It was a terrible thing to say.

Roman: Look, I don't hold grudges, and I don't have any hard feelings. To show you I'm the type of guy who can forgive and forget, well, I'd still like to offer you a piece of that investment.”

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