“If you have a story to share about harassment/abuse, do it now - I think we have a month, tops, before the wave of support moves against us.

It's both that a sexist culture won't let this many men be held accountable & that hopelessness is going to start to set in.

When it's SO MANY men, the response is going to be - this is just how it is. There's no changing it.

As stories come out that are more nuanced and not what immediately comes to mind when we think of harassment, people will start to throw their hands up.

Most people are only comfortable with these stories when there's a neat narrative and an obvious punishment (firing, jail, etc)

If the solution is more complicated 'change the culture,' (and that IS the solution) most people are going to lose interest & the media will follow.

I hope I'm totally wrong. But in case I'm not - seriously, think about sharing your story while people are still paying attention.”

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