“There seems to be a massive misunderstanding in the world right now about weakness and strength. We've somehow gotten to the point that many think compassion is a sign of weakness, and ruthlessness a sign of strength. It makes me a little bit sick.

Compassion is the ultimate expression of strength. When you have found security in your life and in yourself, the only natural result is to turn that outward and try to help others receive that gift.

Ruthlessness and intentional disregard for others are expressions of fear and insecurity. This desire to appear strong and unaffected...to go on the offense, to win at all costs, to beat your chest and express your power over others...that is only ever weakness.

Morality is not weakness. Caring is not weakness. Compassion is not weakness. Evil is not strength. Intimidation is not strength. Control is not strength.

Hugs are strength. Communication is strength. Collaboration is strength. Diversity is strength. Understanding is strength.

I'm worried for a world that seems to understand these things less every day.”

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