[Three separate situations happening at the same time]
Coach Boone: [Talking to official] Ref! He's lining up offsides! Look, he's lining up offsides!

Official: [ignoring Coach Boone]

Coach Ed Henry: [talking to player] Twins right, 99 Z. Go!

Coach Boone: [to Official] Ref! I know you can see him, you've got eyes!

Official: [still ignoring Coach Boone]

Coach Ed Henry: [talking to different player] Gun right, 84 stat! And tell Tommy to watch the free safety.

Coach Yoast: [talking to Blue] Get back in there! You know what I'm talking about. You can't be afraid of him!

Coach Boone: [gesturing 'offsides' with arms] Offsides! He's lining up offsides!