Henry: Actually I'm going on a trip in a little while to study undersea Pacific walrus behaviors.

Doug: Thounds kind of fruity.

Henry: Thank you.

Doug: How long'th it going to take?

Henry: Uh... about a year.

Doug: I gueth you won't mith days like thith.

Henry: Well, maybe days like this don't have to be so bad.

Marlin: What are you trying to say?

Henry: Well, when you guys tell her, she's not just finding out about the accident. She's finding out that her life is basically a setup. I think that's what freaks her out the most.

Doug: Oh, you're an exthpert now?

Henry: No. I'm just saying I wish there was another way besides: 'Sorry we couldn't trick you today. Here's some pictures of your broken head.'

Doug: You wanna broken head, huh thmart guy?

Marlin: Why? You gonna give it to him?

Doug: No, Daddy, I thought you wath gonna do it.

Henry: Nobody's gotta break my head, guys. I'm gonna split anyways.

Marlin: [glaring at Doug] Don't go just 'cause my thon is thychotic.

Henry: Good night. Sweet dreams. Keep 'em dry there Doug.

Doug: Very funny.”

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