“It was a year ago, my druggie friend and I [neither were high at the time of this story, according to OP], since seventh grade, always travel up to the Appalachians in north Georgia every year. We always go to the same camping site, and it’s always been peaceful and serene. Well..

We were getting there much later than usual. It was the first year our parents were letting us go alone, and we planned poorly for the trip time, leaving at around 5 PM instead of the usual crack-of-dawn deal. Well, we finally got there around 10, and it was dark. Once we got off the interstate, there were very few street lights, and once we got onto the country road towards the campsite, even fewer.

We made the turn into the long winding road up to the campsite, and in the day it would be very beautiful, but at night it was just eerie. No moonlight, only the headlights of our car guiding us. I was staring out of the abyss of darkness in the passenger seat, and I saw it. A white mask, with gaping holes for the eyes and the mouth. It had a black, tattered cloak around it. In retrospect, it was almost like a really fucking creepy version of the ‘holes cut out of the pillow casing ghost’ costume. It flew over, and I felt a terrible chill. It came at us from the darkness, on the left side of the car. It flew diagonally, crossing a few feet over the windshield and the roof. I had the worst chill/goosebump shudder I ever had in my life.

We sat in silence, and when we got to the campsite, our favorite spot, we both decided on sleeping in the car instead of setting up the tent. The whole week there we didn’t have anything else like that happen to us, and we didn’t dare speak about it. Hell, we didn’t even talk about it until we had gotten off the road and were back at his house.

It still gives me the chills like bad.”

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