“• Every girl is different. This applies to how they get off, what positions they like, how they express their orgasm, etc. If you're with a girl that has to touch herself during sex to achieve orgasm, it may very well be because her anatomy makes it difficult to reach orgasm through penetration alone. This is not a failing in your abilities. It's just that regardless of who she has sex with, it's not easy for her to cum without the aid of fingers or whatever. Guys need to realize this. I have to touch when I'm having sex. I always have and I always will. Doesn't mean it doesn't feel great and it doesn't mean that you're less of a man somehow. It means that my clit is just a teeny bit too far away from my vaginal opening to get much stimulation through intercourse. Don't take it the wrong way!

• Being able to communicate is incredibly important. I cannot stress that enough.

• Just because your previous girl(s) liked something doesn't mean I will. Ask and experiment, but don't assume. And, don't get all crestfallen if I don't like this one thing you do "really well" that other people have liked. Everyone's different.

• Be able to laugh during sex. Sex can be hilarious some times. It doesn't always have to be uber serious.

• Sex isn't like porn very often. Don't let porn shape your view of sexual experiences and of anatomy, even. They purposely hire chicks with small labia in porn a lot of the time. I haven't had this happen to be directly, but I know of people where they had their feelings hurt because of comments made about their labia by guys. EVERY VULVA IS DIFFERENT, FOLKS!

• Make noise. Girls are expected to make moaning noises and whatever and if you feel it, then do it, but it seems like men aren't expected to or for whatever reason don't do it nearly as often. It's frustrating. I wanna hear you! Loud or not so loud, I still want to hear you. Moan! Groan! Did that feel good when I did that? I thought I heard your breath catch in your throat. Hearing you react and respond and really get into it turns me on even more. Pretty soon, we're a positive feedback machine of orgasms and moans. It's hawt stuff. Cry out for me!”

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