“Those three dudes you have in custody are just talking to get publicity. They know nothing at all. I did it by myself and with no oneshelp.…I’m sorry this happen to the society...It hard to control myself. You probably call me ‘psychotic with sexual perversion hang-up’. Where this monster enter my brain I will never know. But, it here to stay. How does one cure himself? If you ask for help, that you have killed four people, they will laugh or hit the panic button and call the cops.

I can’t stop it so, the monster goes on, and hurt me as wall as society. Society can be thankfull that there are ways for people like me to relieve myself at time by day dreams of some victim being tortore and being mine. It a big complicated game my friend of the monster play putting victims number down, follow them, checking up on them waiting in the dark, waiting, waiting...the pressure is great and somt-times he run the game to his liking. Maybe you can stop him. I can’t.

He has already chosen his next victim or victims. I don’t know who they are yet. The next day after I read the paper, I will Know, but it to late. Good luck hunting.

YOURS, TRULY, GUILTILY. PS: Since sex criminals do not change their MO or by nature cannot do so, I will not change mine. The code words for me will be...bind them, torture them, kill them, BTK, you see he at it again. They will be on the next victim.”


Printed with all typos untouched. In October of 1974, just nine months after the Otero family murders, the Wichita Eagle newspaper’s Don Granger received an anonymous call. The caller directed him to a mechanical engineering textbook in the Wichita Public Library. Inside the book, Granger found a letter claiming credit for the killings of the Joseph Otero family, and promising more victims. The authenticity of the letter was not in doubt since it contained details that only the police and killer knew.

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