“I know when people are going to die.

No, I can’t see the future or tell you the minute you’ll die. What I can do is walk into a room and feel death.

I’ve been right an easy two dozen times now. Most recently, I knew my grandfather was going to die. You see, he had beaten cancer, multiple cancers and never had I gotten the feeling of death. This time, he went in because his heart rate was elevated and not slowing down but you wouldn’t think the outcome would be death.

I went to visit him and keep his company while we waited on the tests and the minute I hit the hallway where his room was, I knew. Fast forward, I sat by his side for 4 days knowing it was coming, with doctors telling me I could leave, that I should go eat but I couldn’t because it was coming. At 5 am, death came. I was holding his hand when the feeling came to a head and in an instant I could feel him leave.”

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