Mary Poppins: Silence, please, it's time to go to sleep.

Jane: Oh we couldn't possibly go to sleep, so many lovely and excited things happened today!

Mary Poppins: Did they?

Jane: Yes! When we jumped into Bert's chalk picture!

Michael: And we rode the merry-go-round, and the horses jumped off...

Jane: And we all went riding down the country side!

[they jump up and down shouting riding cries; Mary Poppins acts indifferent]

Mary Poppins: Really?

Jane: Mary Poppins, don't you remember? You won the horse race!

Mary Poppins: A respectable person like me, in a horse race? How dare you suggest such a thing!

Michael: But I saw you do it!

Mary Poppins: Now not another word or I shall have to summon a policeman! Is that clear?