“1 Some females don't need to achieve orgasm to have a satisfying sexual experience. Sometimes getting me worked up is harder than other times. If it's not happening for me I will gladly make it worth YOUR while, just don't beat yourself up if I don't cum once in a while. Being naked and sweaty and panty with you is fun all on its own.

2 If you're in the mood for multiple sessions, the best time to initiate this is after I've already had an orgasm or two. It takes women a bit longer to cool off after having an orgasm, so while she's lying in bed next to you after you've made her cum and she's stroking your chest and being flirty and cute, that's the best time to initiate Round Two. This is also the best time to ask for a sandwich; usually I'm in too much of a sex-haze to decline.

3 If you aren't willing to go down on me, don't expect a blowjob.”

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