[to the NASA workers]

Al Harrison: Just to be clear in fourteen days, the Mercury Seven will be here for training, and I have no doubt in my mind that they’re going to be asking us questions about our work. I think that’s pretty reasonable given we’re putting a human on top of a missile, shooting him into space, and it’s never been done before. Because it’s never been done, everything we do between now and then is going matter. It’s gonna matter to their wives, to their children. I believe it’s going matter to the whole damn country. So this Space Task Group will be as advertised. America’s greatest engineering and scientific minds are not going to have a problem with having their work checked. Are they, Paul?

Paul Stafford: No, sir.

Al Harrison: Good. So let’s have an amen, damn it.

NASA Worker: Amen. Amen!

Al Harrison: All right.