[Dorothy is driving them home from work]

Dorothy Vaughan: I haven’t been late one day in ten years. Haven’t been out sick. Haven’t complained. My work’s on time. It’s done right, it’s done well.

Mary Jackson: It’s not fair, that’s a fact.

Dorothy Vaughan: What’s not fair is having the responsibility of a supervisor, but not the title or the pay. And watching you two move on. Now, don’t get me wrong. Any upward movement is movement for us all, just isn’t movement for me.

Katherine Johnson: Truth be told, Dorothy, I don’t even know if I can keep up in that room. I’ll be back with the computers in a week, or out of a job entirely.

Dorothy Vaughan: Oh, please. You’re better with the numbers than anyone in there, Katherine, and you know it. Just make that pencil move as fast as your mind does you’ll be fine. And you, have some respect. Get your damn feet off my dashboard. This isn’t your living room. I sound like a supervisor, don’t I?

Mary Jackson: A mean old salty one.

Katherine Johnson: Riddled with authority, no question.

[Katherine and Mary laugh]

Dorothy Vaughan: You don’t mess with Mrs. Vaughan.

Mary Jackson: Turn that music up.