[as Mary goes to hitchhike she notices a police car approaching them]

Mary Jackson: Girls.

Dorothy Vaughan: No crime in a broken-down car.

Mary Jackson: No crime being Negro neither.

Katherine Johnson: Button it up, Mary. Nobody wants to go to jail behind your mouth.

Mary Jackson: I’ll do my best, sugar.

[the cop car pulls up by them and get out of his vehicle]

White Cop: Not a great place for three of y’all be having car trouble.

Mary Jackson: We didn’t pick the place, Officer. It picked us.

White Cop: Are you being disrespectful?

Mary Jackson: No, sir.

White Cop: You have identification on you?

Mary Jackson: Yes, sir.

Katherine Johnson: Yes, sir. We’re just on our way to work at Langley. NASA, sir.

[all three show him their IDs]

Dorothy Vaughan: We do a great deal of the calculating, getting our rockets into space.

White Cop: All three of you?

Katherine Johnson: Yes, sir.

Mary Jackson: Yes, Officer.

[he takes Mary’s ID and looks at it]

White Cop: NASA, now that’s something. I had no idea they hired…

Dorothy Vaughan: There are quite a few women working in the space program.