“I know you, I know your type. You tip-toe around the people who show potential interest. You keep a fair distance from the people who brush their fingers against yours and the ones who look at you in the way everyone wants to be looked at. You do all you can to push away the people that could love you and you keep close the ones you know that don’t care.

You’re afraid, and that’s okay. It’s not a secret that people are fickle. That people will tell you to leave with the same mouths they used to press kisses along the length of your neck. That people will count your ribs with the same fingers they’ll use to shove under the bones and pull.

And so, you stay away. You stay away because it’s logical. because you’ve always been the logical person. The one that weighs out the pros and cons of being in a relationship. You’re the person that wants to be independent, to have a career to not be tied down by someone who will hurt you and then leave you. So, you think that if you keep people at arms length and refuse to stay the night or to spill out of your mouth your darkest fears, that you won’t fall in love. Here’s the thing though, you don’t have a choice in love. You’ll fall in love and you’ll fall hard.”

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