“Ask anyone in the mental health profession about full moons, and you'll get a surprising answer. They'll respond with something that sounds incredibly like folklore and myth. The full moon has the power to bring out the 'crazy' in people. We've believed this for a long time. We refer to unstable people as 'lunatics,' a word that is Latin, built from the root word 'luna,' which means 'moon.' For centuries, it's operated under the conviction that changes in the lunar cycle can cause people to lose touch with reality. Just ask the parents of a young child and they'll tell you tales of wild behavior and out-of-the-ordinary disobedience at certain times of the month. Science tells us that just as moons pull on the oceans, creating tides that rise and fall in severity, so too does our planet's first satellite tug on the water inside our bodies, changing our behavior.”

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