“Cop here,

Got dispatched to a suspicious conditions call. Picture an abandoned single wide trailer in an empty field in the middle of a trailer park. The trailer had a single light on inside. The 911 caller said the trailer has been abandoned for years and no electricity is running to it. Partner and I figure it's hobos or junkies squatting.

We walk up to the trailer and the light goes out. Guns out, someone is def inside. Throw open the door, identify ourselves and begin to sweep the trailer. Back door is shut and locked from the inside. Trash everywhere, but nothing recent. No lanterns or candles nothing. Feeling real weird now, we leave to go back to the caller.. As we walk back across the field, we look back... the light is back on in the trailer.

Partner is trying to be professional, but I do not fuck with the paranormal, cops die first in scary movies. High tail it out of there never been back.


There was zero power running to the trailer. Nothing behind the trailer but field. NOBODY was in the trailer and no one could have come out except the door we went in. Trust me peeps I wanted it to be just a hobo or some kids.”
Appears In: True Creepy Stories

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