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“When I met Priscilla I had no money, no car... I was working the front desk at the gym where she joined. When we started dating I literally told her, "I have nothing to offer you." Yet all she asked for was my heart. On December 16, 2015 we decided to get married, just the two of us without anyone knowing. There was no engagement and no diamond ring. I had just enough money to pay for the marriage certificate and a $3 ring for her. All we cared about was being married and spending our life together as husband and wife. And even though her ring was only $3, she wore it proudly and showed it off to everyone as if it cost 3 million. She loved telling everyone she was Mrs. Carrasco. After a few months of marriage, a lot of hard work, and many prayers, I was finally able to buy her the diamond ring she deserved. And even though we we're already married, I got down on one knee and gave her the proper proposal she deserved as well. I'm not sharing this story to brag about money or because I can now afford nicer things. Instead, this post is meant to cherish and honor my wife for accepting me for who I am and what I had to offer at the time. The way she looked at me when I got down on one knee was the most rewarding moment of my life and now I can't wait to see her in her perfect white dress. I promise to always support her unconditionally through the good times and the bad, as she has done for me. And to continue to work hard everyday to prove her right for taking a chance on me.”
“Tamara and I are High School Sweethearts and have been together for seven years. When Tamara was 21 years old, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It was a day that I'll never forget. She was diagnosed on Feb 17th, my birthday. To hear the doctor confirm the diagnosis was heartbreaking and soul-crushing. There was nothing I could do, and that was the worst part. Tamara was so brave and I did my best to stay positive the entire time. Although we've had ups and downs like every relationship does, this was by far the toughest thing we've ever had to go through. But it brought us closer together and really showed our husband-and-wife qualities. It was during Tamara's second chemo session when it hit me out of nowhere like an epiphany that it would be really great to propose to her on her last chemo session. I felt like it would mark the end of everything we had gone through together with the cancer and turn the page to a new part of our lives. So on June 5th, 2015, on her final 96-hour chemotherapy session, I proposed to Tamara right in her hospital room. We decorated the room Hollywood-themed on the day of her last treatment. Tamara wanted a Hawain theme at first, but I pushed for a Hollywood one on purpose so she would be all dressed up for the proposal. After her chemo was finished, Tamara's friend and sister convinced her to step outside the room for a few minutes to talk. As they distracted her, I had a group of about 30 people, including hospital staff, transform the room into a romantic setting filled with 100 candles, 100 bouquets of roses, and 60 balloons. When she re-entered the room, she was shocked. I started to speak but was so nervous. I was choking on my words and fighting back the tears. But in the end, I pulled it off. She was so surprised and the moment was perfect. We are so excited for our future together." *In March 2015, Tamara's hair began falling out because of her treatments, so she invited some of her girlfriends over to buzz off the rest. Lucas then showed up with his head newly shaved as well. When asked about it, Lucas replied, "I wanted to show her that I was with her all the way.”
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