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“It's maybe wrong to argue with people of earlier generations who have lived through constant sexual abuse, manipulation, etc, for their entire careers abt what is happening right now. It's understandable they'd feel alienated by the current cultural change.

It makes sense that one would feel that the way they handled it is the way it's done. That they would feel isolated & excluded not being recognized for their steadiness in the face of it, as if it were normal. Because at one time, it was.

It makes sense that something so historically "normal" would be defended, if you'd lived through it & survived, you wouldn't want to feel like a fool, or a victim, and I feel that fury. I truly do. It's not fair.

But time marches on. What one child withstood in lashings the next child learns to reject as abuse. This is progress. What happened then does not have to keep happening now. So lets not shit on our elder women artists who are proud of what they endured.

But let's not let that get in the way of moving forward, either. Respect for them is critical & we owe it to them. They lived through a lot of bullshit. They have reason to defend the means of getting through it even if they don't apply to us anymore.

I hear these women and what they are saying. And I hear how important it is to them to know that living their lives as they lived them counts, too. And that it matters. And that it worked. And that they are not alone, either.”
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