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Sonny: First of all, I respect you, Lorenzo, you're a stand-up guy and we're from the same neighborhood, but don't ever talk to me like that again. I tell your kid to go to school, to go to college...

Lorenzo: You don't understand: it's not what you say, it's what he sees, the clothes, the cars, the money, it's everything. He tried to throw away his baseball cards because he said Mickey Mantle will never pay the rent.

Sonny: [laughs] He said that to you? I don't believe this kid.

[They all laugh]

Lorenzo: That's not funny. Not when your kid has a bigger bank account than you.

Sonny: I offered you a job, you said ‘No’ to me.

Lorenzo: That's right, and I say ‘No’ now. Just leave my son alone, please.

Sonny: Hey! [Stands up] Don't you see how I treat that kid? I treat him like he's my son.

Lorenzo: He ain't your son, he's MY son.

Sonny: He's what?

Lorenzo: He's MY son!

Sonny: Hey, get the fuck outta here!

Lorenzo: [Shoved by the gangsters towards the door] I'm not afraid of you.

Sonny: You should be.

Lorenzo: I know who you are, Sonny, I know what you're capable of, and I would never step out of line, you can ask anyone in the neighborhood who knows me. But this time, you're wrong. You don't fool with a man's family. This is my son, not yours.

Sonny: What are you gonna do, fight me?

Lorenzo: You stay away from my son!

Sonny: Get outta here before I give you a fucking slap!

Lorenzo: You just stay away from my son!

Sonny: Go ahead!

Lorenzo: I don't care who you are! You stay away from my son!

[the gangsters force him out of the bar]
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